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Hay Plumb

1883 - 1960

Der Schauspieler und Regisseur Hay Plumb gehörte zu den Filmpionieren Englands und er realisierte vor allem in den 10er Jahren eine grosse Anzahl von Filmen.

Sein Filmdebüt als Schauspieler feierte er bereits 1910 mit "Tilly the Tomboy Visits the Poor" (10) und "Heart of Oak" (10). 
In den darauffolgenden Jahren etablierte er sich als erfolgreicher Filmdarsteller und er agierte in Produktionen wie "The Three Lovers" (11), "Faust" (11), "PC Hawkeye Leaves the Force" (11), "Rachel's Sin" (11), "Tilly and the Smugglers" (11), "The Mermaid" (12), "The Bishop's Bathe" (12), "David Garrick" (13), "The Heart of Midlothian" (14) und "Hawkeye, King of the Castle" (15).

Als Regisseur realisierte er bereits 1912 seine ersten Filme wie "P.C. Hawkeye, Sportsman" (12), "The Burglar Helped" (12), "The Transit of Venus" (12) und "Two Brothers and a Spy" (12).

Auch in dieser Funktion konnte er in den nächsten Jahren zahlreiche weitere Filme realisieren, dazu gehören "The Real Thing" (13), "The Defective Detective" (13), "Captain Jack V.C." (13), "The Old Nuisance" (13), "A Damp Deed" (13), "Fairies' Revenge" (13), "David Garrick" (13), "On a False Scent" (14), "A Misleading Miss" (14), "Two of a Kind" (14), "The Magic Glass" (14), "The Dead Heart" (14), "The Terrible Two" (14), "The Man Who Wasn't" (15) und "What'll the Weather Be?" (15).

Nach 1915 zog sich Hay Plumb für längere Zeit vom Film zurück, nur 1920 entstand ein weiterer Film als Regisseur mit "A Son of David" (20).

Hay Plumb kehrte erst anfangs der 30er Jahre wieder zum Film zurück und war in dieser Zeit ausschliesslich als Schauspieler aktiv.
Der Film hat in der Zwischenzeit zu reden gelernt und Hay Plumb agierte in Tonfilmen wie "Deadlock" (31), "The House of Trent" (33), "Orders Is Orders" (34), "Jew Süss" (34), "Song of the Forge" (37), "Strange Boarders" (38) und "Flying Fifty-Five" (39).

Weitere Filme von Hay Plumb (Regisseur):
The Traitress of Parton's Court (12) PC Hawkeye Falls in Love (12) Welcome Home (12) Mary Has Her Way (12) Oh for a Smoke! (12) The Last of the Black Hand Gang (12) Her "Mail" Parent" (12) A Man and a Serving Maid (12) Whist! Here Comes the Picture Man (12) She Asked for Trouble (12) Poorluck's Picnic (12) Lieutenant Lilly and the Plans of the Divided Skirt (12) The Unmasking of Maud (12) The Apache (12) Mr. Poorluck's River Suit (12) Curfew Msut Not Ring Tonight (12) Tilly in a Boarding House (12) The Emperor's Messenger (12) P.C. Hawkeye Goes Fishing (12) Pamela's Party (12) The Bishop's Bathe (12) Her Awakening (12) Hawkeye, Coastguard (12) Ghosts (12) Was He a German Spy? (12) Town Mouse and Country Mouse (12) King Robert of Sicily (12) Her Only Son (12) The Luck of teh Red Lion (12) Plot and Pash (12) Hawkeye, Showman (12) For Love and Life (12) A Harlequinade Let Loose (12) The Tailor's Revenge (13) The Curate's Bride (13) The Burglar at the Ball (13) Love and a Burglar (13) Hawkeye Has to Hurry (13) Ragtime Mad (13) Lieutenant Lilly and the Splodge of Opium (13) George Barnwell the London Apprentice (13) Drake's Love Story (13) Deceivers Both (13) Blood and Bosh (13) Prop's Angel (13) Hawkeye Rides in a Point-to-Point (13) A Policy of Pinpricks (13) Manny Happy Returns (13) Haunted by Hawkeye (13) All's Fair (13) The Lover Whoe Took the Cake (13) The Of-Course-I-Can Brothers (13) Petticoat Perfidy (13) As the Sparks Fly Upwards (13) Peters' Little Picnic (13) Bounding Bertie's Bungalow (13) Lieutenant Pie's Love Story (13) A Precious Cargo (13) Hamlet (13) An Eggs-traordinary Affair (13) Hawkeye Meets His Match (13) The Princes in the Tower (13) Highwayman Hal (13) Tango Mad (14) Out of the Frying Pan (14) Hawkeye, Hall Porter (14) The "Simple Life" Cure (14) Once Aboard the Lugger (14) A Doubtful Deal in Dogs (14) An Engagement of Convenience (14) The Sneeze (14) Judged by Appearances (14) Caught Bending (14) The Chick That Was Not Eggs-Tinct (14) Over the Garden Wall (14) Oh What a Day! (14) How Things Do Develop (14) Follow Your Leader (14) We Don't Think! (14) Entertaining Uncle (14) What a Sell! (14) The Also-Rans (14) Rhubarb and Rascals (14) Outlines and Outwitted (14) All in a Day's Work (14) The Maid and the Money (14) Simpkins' Sunday Dinner (14) Cinder-Elfred (14) Algy's Little Error (14) A Ghostly Affair (14) Topper Triumphant (14) That Mysterious Fez (14) Mr. Meek's Missus (14) Simpkins' Little Swindle (14) Aladdin or A Lad Out (14) Tilly at the Football Match (14) The Terrible Two Join the Police Force (14) Simpkins, Special Constable (14) Getting His Own Back (14) A Bother About a Bomb (14) Things We Want to Know (15) Hawkeye, King of the Castle (15) A Losing Game (15) Cock o' the Walk (15) Jill and the Old Fiddle (15)

The Heart of a Fishergirl (10) The Road to Ruin (11) Children Mustn't Smoke (11) Tilly's Party (11) Mother's Boy (11) Harry the Footballer (11) PC Hawkeye's Busy Day (11) A Touch of Nature (11) Till Death Us Do Part (11) A Double Deception (11) Twin Roses (11) The Demon Dog (11) P.C. Hawkeye Turns Detective (11) The Heat Wave (11) The Smuggler's Step-Daughter (11) Love and the Sewing Machine (11) Hawkeye Learns to Punt (11) A Seaside Introduction (11) The Greatest of These (11) Envy, Hatred and Malice (11) The Stolen Letters (11) All's Right with the World (11) The Lieutenant's Bride (12) P.C. Hawkeye, Sportsman (12) For a Baby's Sake (12) A Fisherman's Love Story (12) A Curate's Love Story (12) Our Bessie (12) PC Hawkeye Falls in Love (12) P.C. Hawkeye Goes Fishing (12) Hawkeye, Coastguard (12) Hawkeye, Showman (12) Hawkeye Has to Hurry (13) Ragtime Mad (13) Drake's Love Story (13) Blood and Bosh (13) Hawkeye Rides in a Point-to-Point (13) Haunted by Hawkeye (13) Captain Jack V.C. (13) A Precious Cargo (13) Hawkeye Meets His Match (13) The Cloister and the Hearth (13) Hawkeye, Hall Porter (14) A Friend in Need (14) The Professional Guest (31) The Midshipmaid (32) Channal Crossing (33) Guest of Honour (34) The Blue Squadron (34) Widow's Might (35) Things Are Looking Up (35) Car of Dreams (35) Sailing Along (38) Let's Be Famous (39) Cheer Boys Cheer (39) 

Twin Roses (11) PC Hawkeye Falls in Love (12) Hawkeye Has to Hurry (13) Pro's Angel (13) Hawkeye Rides in a Point-to-Point (13) Hawkeye, Hall Porter (14) Hawkeye, King of the Castle (15)