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Tom Powers

1890 - 1955

Der Schauspieler Tom Powers besuchte die Akademie of Dramatic Arts, danach konnte er bei der Filmgesellschaft Vitagraph im Alter von 21 Jahren einen Vertrag abschliessen und avancierte zu einem beliebten Stummfilmstar des frühen Kinos.

Zu seinen ersten Filmen gehören "The Sheriff's Friend" (11), "The Half-Breed's Daughter" (11), "The Great Diamond Robbery" (12), "The Hieroglyphic" (12), "Sisters All" (13), "Checkmated" (13), "Judged by Appearances" (14), "Dr. Fenton's Ordeal" (14), "The Hunchback" (14), "Lucky Jim" (14) und "His Great Opportunity" (14).

In der 2. Hälfte des 10er Jahre enstanden seine vorläufig letzten Filme mit "Barnaby Rudge" (15), "The Painted Lady Betty" (15), "The Traitor" (15), "Love in a Mist" (16) und "The Auction Block" (17).
Danach konzentrierte er sich wieder ganz auf seine Theaterlaufbahn und feierte Erfolge am Broadway mit Komödien und Dramen. Dort war er nicht nur als Darsteller tätig sondern inszenierte und schrieb Stücke für die Bühne.

Erst 1944 feierte er sein Comeback vor der Kamera, als ihn Billy Wilder für seinen Film "Double Indemnity" (44) engagierte.
Daraus resultierte eine zweite Filmkarriere für Tom Powers, der in den kommenden Jahren in zahlreichen Filmen Nebenrollen verkörperte und dabei oftmals autoritäre Charakteren wie Richter, Offiziere etc. verkörperte.
Zu seinen bekanntesten Filmen der 40er Jahre zählen "The Chicago Kid" (45), "The Blue Dahlia" (46), "The Last Crooked Mile" (46), "I Love Trouble" (48), "The Velvet Touch" (48), "Special Agent" (49) und "East Side, West Side" (49).

In den 50er Jahren nahmen seine Engagements vor der Kamera weiter zu, neben vielen Kinofilmen agierte er zudem auch in zahlreichen Fernsehproduktionen uns -serien.
Zu diesen Arbeiten gehören "The Nevadan" (50), "The Strip" (51), eine Episode der Serie "The Lone Ranger: Two Gold Lockets" (51), "Phone Call from a Stranger" (52), "Flesh and Fury" (52), "Julius Caesar" (53), "I, the Jury" (53), "Donovan's Brain" (53), eine Episode der Serie "Adventures of Superman: Beware the Wrecker" (54), eine Episode der Serie "Climax!: The Leaf Out of the Book" (55), "Ten Wanted Men" (55) und "Double Jeopardy" (56).

Weitere Filme mit Tom Powers:
A Western Heroine (11) The Girl and the Sheriff (11) The Black Chasm (11) A Girl of the West (12) The Heart of a Man (12) A Cure for Pokeritis (12) A Story of the Circus (12) The  Haunted Rocker (12) The Illumination (12) Love in the Ghetto (12) An Eventful Elopement (12) The Cylinderj's Secret (12) Saying an Audience (12) The Face or the Voice (12) Susie to Susanne (12) The Signal of Distress (12) While She Powdered Her Nose (12) Under the Make-Up (13) The House in Suburbia (13) Let 'Em Quarrel (13) A Window on Washington Park (13) Counsellor Bobby (13) Cutey Plays Detective (13) Creatures of Habit (14) Daisy Doodad's Dial (14) Flotilla the Flirt (14) Over the Garden Wall (14) The Terror of the Air (14) The Schemers or The Jewels of Hate (14) Gertie the Dinosaur (14) The Hills Are Calling (14) Memory (14) Cinder-Elfred (14) Unfit or The Strength of the Weak (14) In the Shadow of Big Ben (14) The Unseen Witness (14) Aladdin or A Lad Out (14) Morphia the Death Drug (14) Time the Great Healer (14) The Pet of the Regiment (14) The Basilisk (14) Life's Dark Road (14) Oh My Aunt! (14) Be Sure Your Sins (15) A Lancashire Lass (15) As Ye Repent (15) The Passing of a Soul (15) Practically Yours (44) The Phantom Speaks (45) Two Years Before the Mast (46) Her Adventurous Night (46) Angel and the Badman (47) The Farmer's Daughter (47) For the Love of Rusty (47) They Won't Believe Me (47) The Son of Rusty (47) The Time Of Your Life (48) Up in Central Park (48) Station West (48) Angel in Exile (48) Mexican Hayride (48) Scene of the Crime (49) Chicago Deadline (49) Chinatown at Midnight (49) Destination Moon (50) Right Cross (50) Again...Pioneers (50) Fighting Coast Guard (51) Tie Tall Target (51) The Well (51) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Comes the Day" (51) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Dr. Mac" (51) Serie "Fireside Theatre: A Question of Wills" (51) Serie "Fireside Theatre: The People's Choice" (52) Serie "Racket Squad: One for the Books" (52) Deadline U.S.A. (52) The Fabulous Senorita (52) Jet Job (52) Denver and Rio Grande (52) Bal Tabarin (52) Diplomatic Courier (52) We're not Married! (52) The WAC from Walla Walla (52) Horizons West (52) The Steel Trap (52) The Marksman (53) Scared Stiff (53) The Last Posse (53) Hannah Lee: An American Primitive (53) Devil's Canyon (53) Sea of Lost Ships (53) Serie "The Adventures of Ozzie &Harriet: No Noise" (53) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Lovely Day" (53) Lucky Mee (54) The Mad Magician (54) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Shall Not Perish" (54) Serie "Mayor of the Town: The Watchmaker (54) Serie "Mayor of the Town: Papa Dear" (54) Serie "Mayor of the Town: Doctor's Orders" (54) Serie "Mayor of the Town: Butch's Tonsillectomy" (54) Serie "The Lone Wolf: The Ski Story" (54) Serie "The Lone Wolf: The Newhall Story (a.k.a. Phoenix-Newhall" (54) Serie "General Electric Theater: Exit for Margo" (54) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Ringo's Last Assignment" (54) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Crusade Without Conscience" (54) Serie "Fireside Theatre: The Failure" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Penny Serenade" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: No Sad Songs for Me" (55) Serie "Big Town: The Last Assignment" (55) Serie "Four Star Playhouse: The Firing Squad" (55) The Americano (55) New York Confidential (55) The Eternal Sea (55) Serie "The 20th Century-Fox Hour: Crack-Up" (56) Serie "Cavalcade of America: Who Is Byington?" (56) The Go-Getter (57) Serie "Panic!: The Prisoner" (57) Serie "The Christophers: Gentle Warrior" (57)