Theodore Roberts

Picture Theodore Roberts
Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1861 - 1928

The actor Theodore Roberts began his impressive acting career in 1880 at the theater. The start resinous and he often appeared on small stages.
In 1899 followed his first engagement on Broadway and he became a demanded stage actor in the next years and appeared in plays like "We'Uns of Tennessee", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Hamlet".

1914 marks an important turnaround in his career when he was engaged by Cecil B. DeMille for the movie "The Call of the North" (14).
Till to his death in 1928 Theodore Roberts appeared in more than 100 movies, among them more than 20 movies directed by DeMille, which increased his popularity enormously. He soon got the nickname "Grand Duke of Hollywood", his trademarke was a cigar.

To his first movies belong "What's His Name" (14), "The Circus Man" (14), "The Unafraid" (15), "The Arab" (15), "Tempation" (15), "The Trail of Lonesome Pine" (16), "Joan the Woman" (17), "The Little Princess" (17), "Wild Youth" (18), "The Squaw Man" (18), "The Only Way" (19) and "The Roaring Road" (19).

He also continued his career very successful in the 20's and he impersonated memorable characters in productions like "Forbidden Fruit" (21), "Hail the Woman" (21), "The Old Homestead" (22), "Grumpy" (23), "The Ten Commandments" (23) as Moses, "Forty Winks" (25), "The Masks of the Devil" (28) and "Noisy Neighbors" (28).

Thanks to his huge successes he belonged to the wealthiest actors at that time. He was married with the actress Florence Smythe.
By his funeral more than 2000 people took part which testifies the popularity Theodore Roberts relished.

Other movies with Theodore Roberts:
The Making of Bobby Burnit (14) Where the Trail Divides (14) Ready Money (14) The Man from Home (14) The Ghost Breaker (14) The Girl of the Golden west (15) After Five (15) The Governor's Lady (15) The Captive (15) The Woman (15) Stolen Goods (15) The Wild Goose Chase (15) The Fighting Hope (15) The Secret Orchard (15) The Marriage of Kitty (15) The Case of Becky (15) Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo (15) The Unknown (15) The Immigrant (15) The Sowers (16) Pudd'nhead Wilson (16) The Thousand-Dollar Husband (16) The Dream Girl (16) Common Ground (16) Anton the Terrible (16) The Plow Girl (16) Unprotected (16) The Storm (16) All-Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan (17) The American Consul (17) A Child of the Wild (17) The Cost of Hatred (17) What Money Can't Buy (17) The Varmint (17) Nan of Music Mountain (17) The Devil-Stone (17) A Petticoat Pilot (18) The Hidden Pearls (18) M'Liss (18) Old Wives for New (18) We Can't Have Everything (18) The Girl Who Came Back (18) The Source (18) Such a Little Pirate (18) Arizona (18) Peg o' My Heart (19) Everywoman (19) Don't Change Your Husband (19) The Winning Girl (19) The Poor Boob (19) For Better, for Worse (19) Fires of Faith (19) The Woman Thou Gavest Me (19) You're Fired (19) Secret Service (19) Love Insurance (19) What Every Woman Learns (19) Hawthorne of the U.S.A. (19) Male and Female (19) Suds (20) Double Speed (20) Judy of Rogue's Harbor (20) Excuse My Dust (20) Something to Think About (20) Sweet Lavender (20) The Furnace (20) Sham (21) The Love Special (21) Too Much Speed (21)  The Affairs of Anatol (21) Exit the Vamp (21) Miss Lulu Bett (21) Saturday Night (22) Across the Continent (22) Our Leading Citizen (22) If You Believe It, It's So (22) The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (22) Prodigal Daughters (23) Racing Hearts (23) Stephen Steps Out (23) To the Ladies (23) Locked Doors (25) The Cat's Pajamas (26) Ned McCobb's Daughter (28)