Dorothy Sebastian

1903 - 1957


The actress Dorothy Sebastian was born as Dorothy Sabiston in Birmingham, Alabama. Sie began her career as a Ziegfeld girl before she was able to gain a foothold as a film actress in the middle of the 20's.
To her first movies belong "Half a Hero" (25), "Bluebeard's SevenWives" (25) and "Torrent" (26).

She took part in many popular movies in the following years and was very successful. To these productions belong "The Show" (27), "Twelve Miles Out" (27), "The Isle of Forgotten Women" (27), "The Haunted Ship" (27), "The House of Scandal" (28), "Our Dancing Daughters" (28), "The Rainbow" (29) and "His First Command" (29).
In the movie "Spite Marriage" (29) she appeared at Buster Keaton's side whose mistress she was at that time.

In the first years of the talkies she continued her career successfully and appeared in movies like "Montana Moon" (30), "Hell's Island" (30), "Our Blushing Brides" (30), "Ships of Hate" (31), "The Deceiver" (31), "They Never Come Back" (32), "Ship of Wanted Men" (33) and "The Life of Vergie Winters" (34).

Dorothy Sebastian was married with the actor William Boyd since 1931 and from the middle of the 30's she retired from the film business briefly. But after her divorce she made a comeback and impersonated smaller roles in the next years.
To these movies belong "The Mysterious Pilot" (37), "The Women" (39), "The Arizona Kid" (39), "Among the Living" (41) and "The Miracle of the Bells" (48).

Other movies with Dorothy Sebastian:
Sackcloth and Scarlet (25) Winds of Chance (25) Why Women Love (25) Beauty la Mud (26) You'd Be Surprised (26) The Demi-Bride (27) California (27) On ze Boulevard (27) Tea for Thress (27) The Arizona Wildcat (27) Love (27) Their Hour (28) Wyoming (28) The Adventurer (28) A Woman of Affairs (28) Morgan's Last Raid (29) The Spirot of Youth (29) The Devil's Apple Tree (29) The Single Standard (29) The Unholy Night (29) The Rounder (30) Officer O'Brien (30) Ladies Must Play (30) Brothers (30) The Utah Kid (30) Lightning Flyer (31) The Big Gamle (31) The Wide Open Spaces (31) Contraband (33) No Sleep on the Deep (34) Allez Oop (34) Rough Riders' Round-up (39) Kansas Cyclone (41) Reap the Wild Wind (42) True to the Army (42)