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Olive Sloane

1896 - 1963

Die Schauspielerin Olive Sloane begann ihre Filmlaufbahn anfangs der 20er Jahre mit "The Door That Has No Key" (21) und "Greatheart" (21).
In den nächsten Jahren entstanden weitere Stummfilme wie "Rogues of the Turf" (23), "The Dream of Eugene Aram" (23) und "Money Isn't Everything" (25).

Nach einem längeren Unterbruch setzte sie ihre Laufbahn im Tonfilm der 30er Jahre fort, dazu gehören "The Good Companions" (33), "Brides to Be" (34), "Key to Harmony" (35), "The Howard Case" (36), "Stardust" (37) und "Inquest" (39).

Olive Sloane blieb bis kurz vor ihrem Tod aktiv im Filmgeschäft und sie agierte in den kommenden Jahrzehnten in den Produktionen "Those Kids from Town" (42), "Thunder Rock" (42), "Send for Paul Temple" (46), "Under Capricorn" (49) von Regisseur Alfred Hitchcock, "Waterfront" (50), "My Wife's Lodger" (52), "Meet Mr. Lucifer" (53), "A Prize of Gold" (55), "Wrong Number" (59), "The House in Marsh Road" (60) und "Heavens Above!" (63).

Weitere Filme mit Olive Sloane:
Trapped by the Mormons (22) Faces (34) Soldiers of the King (34) Sing As We Go (34) Alibi Inn (35) Squibs (35) In the Soup (36) Cafe Colette (37) Overcoat Sam (37) Make It Three (38) Tower of Terror (41) Lot the People Sing (42) The Dummy Talks (43) The Voice Within (45) They Knew Mr. Knight (46) Counterblast (48) The Guinea Pig (48) Once a Sinner (50) Seven Days to Noon (50) The Tall Headlines (52) Curtain Up (52) Alf's Baby (53) The Weak and the Wicked (54) The Golden Link (54) Serie "Lilli Palmer Theatre: The Triumphant (54) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: I Passed by Your Window" (55) Serie "Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents: Treasure in Store" (56) The Last Man to Hang? (56) Brothers in Law (57) The Man in the Road (57) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Saloon Bar" (57) Serie "The Vise: Hidden Money" (57) Serie "The Vise: Diamond Jubilee" (58) Serie "The Vise: The Hostage" (58) Serie "The Vise: Full Moon" (59) The Price of Silence (59) Serie "BBC Sunday Night Theatre: Berkeley Square" (59) Serious Charge (59) Serie "Dancers in Mourning: Part 3" (59) Your Money of Your Wife (60) Serie "The Cheaters: An Obituary for a Champion" (61)