Godfrey Tearle

1884 - 1953

The actor Godfrey Tearle was born into an artistic family. His mother was the actress Marianne Conway, his father the actor "George (Osmond) Tearle. His brother Malcolm Tearle became also an actor. Even some of his relations were actors, among them the famous silent movie star Conway Tearle, his half brother. Godfrey Tearle's way to the stage was traced out for him more or less.

He made his stage debut in 1893 in the role of young Prince Richard, Duke of York in the play "Richard III". In the next years he appeared regular on stage as a teenager.

When he acted in the play "Romeo and Juliet" at the Lyceum Theater it was also filmed in 1908, so he made his film debut very early. In this play also acted his wife, the actress Mary Malone.

After that followed a longer interruption in the film business and Godfrey Tearle became a successful Shakespeare actor on the British stages.

From 1916 he appeared often in silent movies, among them "A Sinless Sinner" (19), "Nobody's Child" (19), "Fancy Dress" (19), "Salome of the Tenements" (25), "One Colombo Night" (26) and "Guy of Warwick" (26).

Thank to his wonderful voice he also was able to continue his film career in the 30's and 40's and he took part in "Shadow Between" (31), Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" (35), "The Last Journey" (36), "One of Our Aircraft Is Missing" (42), "Undercover" (43) and "The Beginning or the End" (47).

To his last cinematical works belong "I Belive in You" (52), "Mandy" (52), "The Titfield Thunderbolt" (53) and "Decameron Nights" (53).

In private he had a turbulent time in the 30's. After his divorce from his first wife in 1929 he got married with the actress Stella Freeman in 1932. His brother Malcolm Tearle committed suicide in 1935, a few month later died Godfrey Tearle's second wife at the age of 26.

Godfrey Tearle became knighted in 1951.

Other movies with Godfrey Tearle:
Sir James Mortimer's Wager (16) The Real Thing at Last (16) Queen's Evidence (19) Midnight Gambols (19) The March Hare (19) If Youth But Knew (26) Infatuation (30) These Charming People (31) Puppets of Fate (33) Tomorrow We Live (36) East Meets West (36) Tomorrow We Live (43) The Lamp Still Burns (43) Medal for the General (44) The Rake's Progress (45) Private Angelo (49) White Corridords (51)