Warwick Ward

1891 - 1967

The actor Warwick Ward was an international actor who appeared in English, American, German as well as French productions.

To his ealry silent movies belong "Wuthering Heights" (20), "The Manchester Man" (20), "The Diamond Necklace" (21), "Petticoat Loose" (22), "The Lady Owner" (23), "Bulldog Drummond" (23) and "Madame Sans-Gêne" (25). 
With the movies "Variete" (25) and "Die wunderbare Lüge der Nina Petrowna" (29) he even took part in two of the really great German silent movies.

Warwick Ward went on acting successfully in movies like "The Yellow Mask" (30), "Stamboul" (31), "Deadlock" (31), "Ariane" (31) and the English version of the German world success "F.P.1" (33) during the 30's. After that he retired completely from the film business and began a second career as a producer.

Till the 50's he produced among others the movies "The Last Chance" (37), "French Leave" (37), "Night Alone" (38), "Me and My Pal" (39), "Dead Men Are Dangerous" (39), "The Man from Morocco" (46), "Quiet Weekend" (47) and "Isn't Life Wonderful!" (53).

Other movies with Warwick Ward (Actor, Producer, Writer): 
The Silver Lining (19) Mary Latimer, Nun (20) The Call of the Road (20) Build Thy House (20) Handy Andy (21) Demos (21) Corinthian Jack (21) Belphegor the Mountebank (21) Tell Your Children (22) The Call of the East (22) The Hotel Mouse (23) Southern Love (24) The Prude's Fall (24) The Money Habit (24) Hurricane Hutch in Many Adventures (24) The Great Turf Mystery (24) The Woman Tempted (26) Lady Harrington (26) Die Fahrt ins Abenteuer (26) Die berühmte Frau (27) Die Frauengasse von Algier (27) Jugendrausch (27) Mein Leben für das Deine (27) Ein Mädel und drei Clowns (28) Derr Fall des Staatsanwalts M... (28) Die schönste Frau von Paris (28) The White Sheik (28) La venenosa (28) Maria Marten (28) Looping the Loop - Die Todesschleife (28) After the Verdict (28) The Informer (29) The Way of Lost Souls (29) Ihr dunkler Punkt (29) To Oblige a Lady (30) Birds of Prey (30) A Man of Mayfair (31) The Man at Six (31) Life Goes On (32) The Callbox Mystery (32) Blind Spot (32) Kind, ich freu' mich auf Dein Kommen (33) Saturday Night Revue (37) Save a Little Sunshine (38) The Gables Mystery (38) Almost a Honeymoon (38) Women Aren't Angels (42) Suspected Person (43) Warn That Man (44) My Brother Jonathan (48) The Dancing Years (48) The Young and the Guilty (58)