Rina de Liguoro

1892 - 1966

The actress Rina de Liguoro was born as Elisabetta Caterina Catardi in Florence. She was a talented pianist and gave some concerts.
Finally she got offered a small role in the movie "La principessa bebe" (20) which marked the beginning of an impressive film career. She became a popular star in the 20's and made the headlines with her nude appearances in the movies.

To her early successes belong "Messalina" (22), "Savitri Satyavan" (23) and "Quo Vadis?" (24).
In the second part of the 20's followed movies like "Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeii" (26), "Bufera" (26), "Casanova" (27), "Cagliostro" (29), "Assunta Spina" (29) and "Gli amori di Casanova" (29). She also appeared topless in several movies which was very uncommon at that time.

The engagements dropped off in the 30's but she remained true to the medium till the 60's. To her first talkies belong the US productions "Madam Satan" (30) and "The Bachelor Father" (31) as well as "Politiquerias" (31), the Spanish language version of the Laurel & Hardy ovie "Chickens Come Home".

In the next decades followed only sporadic appearances. To her last movies belong "The Mad Empress" (40), "Caterina da Siena" (47), "Mio figlio Nerone" (56) and "Il Gattopardo" (63).

Rina de Liguoro was married with count Wladimiro De Liguoro, who also directed some of her movies.

Other movies with Rina de Liguoro:
Saracinesca (21) Rabagas (22) Il trittico (23) La via del peccato (24) Maremma (24) Quello che non muore (25) Il focolare spento (25) Garibaldi, l'eroe dei due mondi (26) Il vetturale del Moncenisio (27) Der geheimnisvolle Spiegel (27) Femmina e madre (28) La bella corsara (28) Mese mariano (29) Romance (30) Behold My Wife (34) Angelina o el honor de un brigadier (35) Luisa Sanfelice (42) Ritrovarsi (47) BuffaloBill a Roma (49) Domani e un altro giorno (51)