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Claudine Auger


The actress Claudine Auger was born as Claudine Oger in Paris. She studied Dramatic Arts at the conservatory of Paris and besides earned some money as a model.
She was in the limelight for the first time at the age of 16 when she was chosen to Miss France 1958.

Two years later she was able to launch successfully her acting career and she took part in "Le testament d'Orphée" (60) and "Terrain vague" (60).
She appeared in many movies in the next years, besides French productions she also acted in American and especially Italian movies.
To these movies belong "Le masque de fer" (62), "Kaly Yug, la dea della vendetta - Kali-Yug: Die Göttin der Rache" (64), "Die Lady" (64), the James-Bond filming "Thunderball" (65), where she impersonated the role of Domino, "L'arcidiavolo" (66), "Jeu de massacre" (67), "I bastardi" (68) and "Flammes sur l'Adriatique" (68).

In the 70's and 80's followed numerous movies too but this productions only distinguished rarely because of high quality, among others "Equinozio" (71), "Flic Story" (75), "Il colpaccio" (76), "Un papillon sur l'épaule" (78), "Fantastica" (80), "Der Leutnant und sein Richter" (83), "Secret Places" (84), "Una grande storia d'amore" (87) and "Un amore di donna" (88).

Her performances in front of the camera diminished from the 90's. To her last cinematical workds belong "Salt on Our Skin" (92), "Un orage immobile" (95) and "Le rouge et le noir" (98).

Claudine Auger was among others married with the directors Pierre Gaspard-Fluit and Jacques Deray.

Other movies with Claudine Auger: 
Les moutons de Panurge (60) Les sept péchés capitaux: L'envie (62) In the French Style (63) Il mistero del tempio indiano (63) Serie "Alerte à Orly" (64) Una bella grinta (65) Yoyo (65) L'homme de Marrakesh (66) La fantastique histoire vraie d'Eddie Chapman (67) Operazione San Gennaro (67) Scusi, facciamo l'amore? (67) Le dolci signore (67) Escalation (68) Il padre di familglia (68) Komm, süsser Tod (69) Come ti chiami, amore mio? (69) La tarantola dal ventre nero (71) Reazione a caten (71) Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide (71) Un verano para matar (72) Gli ordini sono ordini (72) Serie "Medical Center: Fatal Decision" (72) Serie "Les oiseaux de Meiji Jingu" (74) La dynamite est bonne à boire (74) L'intrépide (75) Cuando los maridos se iban a la guerra (76) Pane, burro e marmellata (77) Emmenez-moi au Ritz (77) Il triangolo delle Bermude (78) Aragosta a colazione (79) Viaggio con Anita (79) La nasse (79) L'associé (79) Prestami tua moglie (80) Black Jack (80) The Girls In Their Summer Dresses and Other Stories by Irwin Shaw: The Man Who Married a French Wife (81) Serie "Fregoli" (81) Les secrets de la princesse de Cadignan (82) Serie "Die goldenen Schuhe" (83) Die Französin (83) Credo (83) Il pentito (85) Les exploits d'un jeune Don Juan (87) Serie "Qui c'est ce garçon?" (87) Il frullo del passero (88) Oggi ho vinto anch'io (89) Serie "La piovra 5 - il cuore del problema" (90) La bocca (90) Serie "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Three Gables" (94) Los hombres siempre mienten (95)