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Jean-Louis Barrault

1910 - 1994

The actor Jean-Louis Barrault was already regarded as one of the most important theater actors in his lifetime whose influence had a favourable effect to the film.

His learnt his trade by Charles Dullin in whose company he took part from 1933 to 1935. When he met Etienne Decroux there was no longer any doubt to be active as an actor.

Jean-Louis Barrault got great famous between 1940 and 1946 when he celebrated great successes with the plays "Le soulir de satin" and "Phèdre" feierte.
Together with his wife, the actress Madeleine Renaud, he founded the company "Renaud-Barrault" in 1946 and took over the theater Marigny for the next ten years.

He was the director of the Odéon theater from 1959 till 1968 where he performed contemporary plays. Other works at the National theater and at the theater Rond-Point followed.

The expressive actor made his film debut in 1935 with "Les beaux jours" (35). It followed othe populara productions like "Mayerling" (36), "Un grand amour de Beethoven" (36), "Jenny" (36), "Mademoiselle Docteur" (37), "Mirages" (37), "J'accuse!" (38) and "Farinet ou l'or dans la montagne" (38).

In the 40's he took part in well-known movies like "La symphonie fantastique" (42), "L'ange de la nuit" (44) and finally it followed the height of his cinematical career with "Les enfants du paradis" (45), in which he polarized the audience and the critics with his mimic art.

After the war he appeared occasionally in front of the camera. To his last movies belong "D'homme à hommes" (48), "La ronde" (50), "Si Versailles m'était conté" (54), "Le testament du Docteur Cordelier" (59), "The Longest Day" (62), "La grande frousse" (64), "Christophe Colomb" (76), "La nuit de Varennes" (82) and "La lumière du lac" (88).

Other movies with Jean-Louis Barrault: 
Sous les yeux d'occident (36) Hélène (36) A nous deux, madame la vie (36) Les perles de la couronne (37) Drôle de drame ou l'étrange aventure de Docteur Molyneux (37) Police mondaine (37) Orage (38) Le puritain (38) La piste du sud (38) Atlitude 3'200 (38) Parade en sept nuits (41) Montmartre-sur-Seine (41) Le destin fabuleux de Désirée Clary (42) La part de l'ombre (45) Le cocu magnifique (47) Les fausses conficences (55) La répétition ou l'amour puni (58) Musée Grévin (58) Le dialogue des Carmélites (60) Le miracle des loups (61) La confidence fausse (64) Chappaqua (66) The Lovers' Exile (80) Le soulier de satin (82)