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Harry Baur

1880 - 1943

The actor Harry Baur was born as Henri-Marie Baur in Montroug. Thanks to his impressive performance and his melodic voice he became one of the most important French actors. His roles distinguished through an intensive and thrilling acting.

Harry Baur is also a tragic figure in the real live. His fahter already died in 1890 when his business was left with nothing after a break-in. As a result Harry Baur was given care of a Catholic school, but he run away and went to Marseille.

His original job dream to become a sailor was thrusted into the background when he stumpled on the acting. He attended private acting lesson besides his studies at the Parisian conservatory, and he soon appeared on different stages in Marseille.

Eventually he was engaged in Paris where he soon became a popular actor.
Harry Baur made his film debut in "Shylock" in 1913, it followed other productions like Abel Gance's "Strass et Compagnie" (15) and the silent movies "L'âme du bonze" (18) and "La voyante" (23).

His breakthrough came with the talkies. Julien Duvivier engaged him for "David Golder" (30). This movie marked the begin of a great career which went on till to his violent death. 

But Harry Baur had to bear two bad blows during the time of success, when his wife and his 20 year old son died. 
Harry Baur continued his career and his performances were even more intensive after these experiences. With the movies "Le juif polonais" (31), "Poil de Carotte" (32), "La tête d'un homme" (33), "Les misérables" (34), "Tarass Boulba" (35), "Le Golem" (36), "Un grand amour de Beethoven" (36) "La tragédie impériale" (38) and "Valpone" (39) he became a leading star of the French cinema.

When the Nazis invaded France, Harry Baur was denounced by collaborators as a Jew and freemason. He was forces to took part in the German movie "Symphonie eines Lebens" (42) - his last one.

He was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo in May 1942. Only four months later he was released, visible undermined by the tortures. On April 8, 1943 the great actor died under mysterious circumstances.

His death whipped up the anti Nazi emotions in France, his funeral produced a great sympathy of the public.

Other movies with Harry Baur: 
Les cinq gentlemen maudits (31) Le cap perdu (31) Criminel (32) Les trois mousquetaires (33) Cette vieille canaille (33) Les nuits moscovites (34) Rothschild (34) Un homme en or (34) Le greluchon délicat (34) Golgotha (35) Crime et chatiment (35) Les yeux noirs (35) Moscow Nights (36) Samson (36) Paris (36) Nitchevo (36) Les hommes nouveaux (36) Un carnet de bal (37) Sarati, le terrible (37) Nostalgie (37) Mollenard (38) The Rebel Son (38) Le patriote (38) Un homme et sa femme (39) Le président Haudecoeur (40) L'homme du Niger (40) Péchés de jeunesse (41) L'assassinat du Pere Noël (41)