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Dany Boon


The actor Dany Boon was born as Daniel Hamidou in Armentières.
He grew up in poor circumstances which did not make it easy to start an artistic career. Moreover the relatives on the mother's side dissociated themselves from the family because they didn't want to deal with an Algerian.
He made his first attempt to gain a foothold as an artist in Paris where he worked as a street comedian which attracted only few people, later followed appearances at small theaters. The earnings were few coins and he bought food and drinking. Therefore he worked as a animation artist for a French studio along the way.
From 1992 he was slowly able to earn is living as a comedian when he had regular appearances at the French television with some of his sketches. In 1994 followed first movie roles. To these movies belong "Le grand blanc de Lambaréné" (95), "La flache" (95), "Paroles d'hommes" (97) and "Bimboland" (98).
It followed a perennial interruption before he acted again in movies. He impersonated roles in productions like "La vie de chantier" (04), "Joyeux Noël" (05) and "La doublure" (06).
The director and producer Claude Berry became aware of Dany Boon and he supported him with his next movie project "La maison du bonheur" (06) where Boon was busy as an actor, screen writer and director.
The movie became a huge success and Claude Berri continued to support him with hist next film project "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" (08). This movies surprised everyone because of its enormous success. He became the most successful French movie of all time with more than 20 million viewers. He replaced the until then most successful movie "La grande vadrouille" (66) with the comedian Louis de Funès.
Dany Boon was inspired for this movie by his own experiences. Till the age of 12 he normally spoke the Pikardian dialect, a language which is also difficult to understand in the rest of France. This language difficulties were satirized in this movie besides other situations.
Dany Boon became world wide famous at one go and Dany Boon who lived in poor circumstances before was able to get a salary in the millions from now on.
In the next years he appeared in other successful movies and time and again he was also responsible as a director and screen writer.
To his latest cinematical works belong "Le code a changé" (09), "Benvenuti al sud" (10), "Rien à déclarer" (10), "Astérix & Obelix: Au service de sa Majesté" (12), "Eyjafjallajökull" (13), "Supercondiraque" (14) and "Palais de justesse" (14).
Dany Boon was among others married with the actress Judith Godrèche.

Other movies with Dany Boon:
Serie "Navarro: Coup bas" (95) Qui (96) Le déménagement (97) Amour, travail, santé... (97) Pédale dure (04) Mon meilleur ami (06) De l'autre côté du lit (08) Micmacs à tire-larigot (09) Un plan parfait (12) Serie "Y'a pas d'âge: Pour rabibocher un couple gay" (13)
Benvenui al sud (10) Benvenuti al nord (12)

La vie de chantier (04) La maison du bonheur (06) Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (08) Les chéris d'Anne (08) Rien à déclarer (10) Supercondriaque (14)

La vie de chantier (04) La maison du bonheur (06) Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (08) Les chéris d'Anne (08) Benvenuti al sud (10) Rien à décclarer (10) Supercondriaque (14)