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Maria Casares

1922 - 1996

The actress Maria Casares was born as Maria Casares Quiroga in Galizien. She grew up in Spain where her father was the minister of the republic. When the military revolt broke out in 1936 the family escaped to France..

There she became a popular actress. She made her first experiences at the Comédie Française and at the Théâtre Nationale in the 40's.
She made her film debut in 1945 with "Les enfants du paradis" (45) and became a much demanded actress in no time.
To her other early movies belong  "Les dames du Bois de Boulogne" (45), "Roger la Honte" (45), "La septième porte" (46), "La chartreuse de Parme - Die Kartause von Parma" (48) and "Orphée" (49).

After that she only appeared sporadically in front of the camera and concentrated to the theater.
To her other impressive movies belong "Macbeth" (59), "L'adieu nu" (77), "Britannicus" (77), "Blanche et Marie" (84), "La lectrice" (88) and "Someone Else's America" (95).

Maria Casares was nominated for the César in 1989.

Other movies with Maria Casares: 
La revanche de Roger la Honte (46) L'amour autour de la maison (47) Bagarres (48) L'homme qu revient de loin (49) Ombre et lumière (51) Le théâtre national populaire (56) Le testament d'Orphée (60) Flavia, la monaca musulmana (74) Irène et sa folie (80) Peer Gynt (81) De sable et de sang (87) Serie "Les nuits révolutionnaires" (89) Monte bajo (89) Les chevaliers de la table ronde (90)