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Marcelle Chantal

1898 - 1960

The actress Marcelle Chantal was born as Marcelle Jenny Chantal Pannier in Paris.
Because her family was rich she was able to join an education in dancing, singing and piano besides the normal schooling.
She made her film debut in 1920 with "Le carnaval des vérités" (20), directed by Marcel l'Herbier who was a friend of the family. 
Marcelle Chantal got married one year later and concentrated to the theater. Beside it she also appeared as an opera singer and was busy as a theater director. These impacts led to a collaps and she had to be confined to bed for several months. It lastet till 1929 before she continued her film career with "Le collier de la reine" (29), a role she took over due to an illness of the actress Pola Negri. With this role she impersonated the French elegance in the view of the audience.
The film made her well-known within France and she got offered other interesting roles in the next years.
To these movies belong "La tendresse" (30), "Toute sa vie" (30), "La vagabonde" (31), "Amok" (34), "Baccara" (35), "Nitchevo" (36), "La tragédie impériale" (38) and "Jeunes filles en détresse" (39).
When Germany occupied her home country France during World War II she emigrated to Switzerland. 
Only after the end of the war she returned to Paris. There came her last cinematical works into being with "Fantômas contre Fantômas" (49), "Julie Carneilhan" (50) and "Chéri" (50).

Other movies with Marcelle Chantal:
Le secret du docteur (30) Les vacances du diable (31) Le réquisitoire (31) Au nom de la loi (32) L'ordonnance (33) Antonia, romance hongroise (35) La gondole aux chimères (36) La porte du large (36) A Romance in Flanders (37) L'île des veuves (37)  L'affaire Lafarge (38)