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Nathalie Delon


The actress Nathalie Delon was born as Nathalie Canovas in Oujda, Morocco.

She made her film debut in Jean-Pierre Melville's movie "Le samourai - Der eiskalte Engel" (67) at Alain Delon's side who was her husband and the movie marked the height of their career.

One year later followed the leading role in "La leçon particulière - Nachhilfestunden" (68) and Nathalie Delon impersonated many roles till the end of the 70's.
But she didn't made headlines with her movies but with her divorce from Alain Delon. Strange occurences in the surroundings of the couple was exploited throroughly by the newspapers. 

But this made no difference to her career and she took part in the movies "La main - Die Hand" (69), "Bluebeard - Blaubart" (72), "Le moine" (73), "The Romantic Englishwoman - Die romantische Engländerin" (75), "Une femme fidèle" (76), "Der Mann im Schilf" (78) and "Le temps des vacances" (79) in the following years.

Her film career ended at the beginning of the 80's and her last movie was "Ils appellent ça un accident" (82), where she also appeared as a director for the first time. But there was only one more movie she directed called "Sweet Lies" (88).

Nathalie Delon had a daughter from her first marriage, and from the marriage with Alain Delon she had son called Anthony Delon (1964) who also became an actor.

Other movies with Nathalie Delon:
L'armée des ombres - Armee im Schatten (69) Le sorelle (69) When Eight Bells Toll (71) Doucement les basses (71) Sex-shop (72) Absences répétées (72) Profession: Aventuriers (73) L'histoire très bonne et très joyeuse de Collinot Trousse-Chemise (73) Vous intéressez-vous à la chose?- Haben Sie Interesse an der Sache? (74) Docteur Justice (75) Hold-Up, instantanea de una corrupcion (77) Gli ultimi angeli (77) Serie "Madame le juge: Le dossier Françoise Muller" (77) Fire in the Water (77) Occhi dalle stelle (78) I gabbiani volano baso (78) Efficax (79) Histoires de voyous: L'élégant (79) La bande du Rex (80)

Ils appellent ça un accident (82) Sweet Lies (88)

Ils appellent ça un accident (82)