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Jacques Feyder

Picture Jacques Feyder

1885 - 1948

The French director Jacques Feyder made his first experiences at the theater before he signed at Gaumont one day before the beginning of World War I.

To his first movies belong "Des pieds et des mains" (15), "Têtes de femmes, femmes de tête" (16) and "Un conseil d'ami" (16).
When he realised the movie "L'atlantide" in 1920, the movie impressed by fantastic pictures from the desert, but the movie left much to be desired in content.

Jacques Feyder trug dem letzten Punkt Rechnung mit seinen Filmen "Crainquebille" (22) and "Gribiche" (25). 
After the movie "Carmen" (26) followed the best cinematically work of Jacques Feyder called "Thérèse Raquin" (28) which contributed international recognition. 

Jacques Feyder worked in the USA from 1929 to 1931 - he shot his first movie "The Kiss" (29) with the greatest star of his time, with Greta Garbo. It followed other movies like "Olympia" (30), "Anna Christie" (30) - the German version, again with Greta Garbo - "Daybreak" (31) and "Son of India" (31).

He returned to France in 1934 where he continued his career successfully. His earlier movies distinguished through the picture language, his new works concentrated more to the set. Therefore the art director Lazare Meerson (1900-1938) - with whom he already worked together in 1926 for "Carmen" - became an important  employee. They realised the movies "Le grand jeu" (34), "La Kermesse héroique" (35) and "Pension Mimosas" (35) which were all great successes.

His last movies couldn't go on from his earlier successes. He realised in England "Knight Withour Armour" (37), in Germany "Les gens du voyage" (38) and "Fahrendes Volk" (38), in France "La piste du nord" (40) and "Macadam" (46) and in Switzerland "Une femme disparaît" (42).

Jacques Feyder spent his last years in Switzerland.

Other movies from Jacques Feyder:
La faute d'ortograhpe (18) Das Bildnis (23) Visages d'enfants (25) Gardiens de Phare (29) Les nouveaux messieurs (29) Si l'empereur savait ca (30) Le spectre vert (30) If the Emperor Only Knew (31) Die klugen Frauen (35) La Loi du nord (39)