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Cecile de France


The actress Cecile de France already collected frist acting experiences on stage at an early age before she took acting lessons by Jean-Michel Frère in 1990.

When she went from Belgium to France she continued her acting career and attended the acting school.
Cecile de France began her successful career for cinema and TV in 1997, to her first roles belong "Tous nos voeux de bonheur" (97) and an episode of the serial "Le juge est une femme: L'usine du Père Noël" (99).

She attracted attention for the first time with her role in "L'art (délicat) de la séduction" (01) directed by Richard Berry, one year later followed her breakthrough with "Irène" (02), "L'auberge espagnole" (02) - for which she was awarded with the César as the best up-and-coming young actress and "A + Pollux" (02).

To her latest productions belong "Haute tension" (03), "Around the World in 80 Days" (04), "Les poupées russes" (05), "Un secret" (06) and "Mon colonel" (06).

Other movies with Cecile de France: 
La balle au bond (98) Bon appetit! (00) Le dernier rêve (00) Regarde-moi (en face) (00) Toutes les nuits (01) Le mariage en papier (01) Nana (01) Loup! (02) La nuit du 6 au 7 (03) Moi César, 10 ans ½, 1m39 (03) Serie "Petits mythes urbains: Nervous Breakdown" (03) Serie "Petits mythes urbains: Abgeschleppt" (04) La confiance règne (04) Fauteuils d'orchestre (06) Quand j'étais chanteur (06) Mauvaise foi (06)