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Jimmy Gaillard

1916 - 1985

The actor Jimmy Gaillard was born as Maurice Gurtner in Lyon. Besides his activity as an actor he was also busy as a dancer and singer.

He already entered the limelight as a child, first as a dancer in 1923 at the theater and only one year later as a child actor in silent movies.

To his movies as a child belong "Le miracle des loups" (24), "Le mystère de la tour Eiffel" (27), "L'argent" (28) and "Peau de pèche" (29).

Afterwards followed appearances on Broadway where he acted as a singer and dancer. To his stage partners belonged among others Eddie Cantor and Bing Crosby.

After his return to France he took part in operettas and he went on tour with the orchestra of Ray Ventura and Jo Bouillon.

He managed the step into the world of the adults and was able to continue his artistic career.

He also gained a foothold in the film business again and he impersonated roles in "L'entraîneuse" (38) and "Tourbillon de Paris" (39).

His most busy time in movies followed in the 40s, he acted among others in "Le grand combat" (42), "Le prince charmant" (42), "Feux de joie" (43), "Arlette et l'amour" (43), "Vertiges" (47) and "La nuit blanche" (48).

At the beginning of the 50s followed his last cinematical appearances with "La vie est un jeu" (51), "Tambour battant" (53) and "Le chemin de la drogue" (53).

When Jimmy Gaillard became a victim in a serious accident in 1952 he had to retire from the film business prematurely.

Jimmy Gaillard dedicated to the organisation "La roue tourne" in later years which supported other road casualties.

Other movies with Jimmy Gaillard: 
Coeur de Paris (32) Chèque au porteur (41) L'amant de Bornéo (42) Mademoiselle Béatrice (43) Fils de France (46) Gringalet (46) Erreur judiciaire (48) L'homme aux mains d'argile (49) Musique en tête (51)