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Juliette Gréco


The actress and singer Juliette Gréco belongs to the most successful French singers. She rallied a crowd of famous admirers round her like Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Cocteau and Miles Davis.

Juliette Gréco grew up by her grandparents, later she went to her mother in Paris where she witnessed the turmoils of World War II. Her mother and her sister became members of the Resistance and were arrested and brought to the KZ Ravensbrück, fortunately they survived.
Still a teenager Juliette Gréco herself was arrested for three weeks, the family life was broken.

After the war she started a great career. She opened the discotheque "Tabou" in St. Germain in 1946 which became a meeting place of the existentialists. There she sang her songs and became well-known to a wide public.
Her trademark was her black wardrobe and her admirers called her "Queen of the existentialists".

After her film debut "Aller et retour" (48) it was Jean Cocteau who casted her for the role of the Queen Aglaonice in his movie "Orphée" (49), this marked the beginning of her second successful career.

She appeared at the side of many famous actors in the next years and she took part in popular productions like "L'homme et l'enfant" (56), "Bonjour tristesse" (58), "Whirlpool" (59), "Crack in the Mirror" (60), "Onkel Toms Hütte" (65) and "The Night of the Generals" (67).

She is still active both as a singer and actress. She appeares in concerts and plays in front of the camera, to her latest movies belong "Belphégor - Le fantôme du Louvre" (01) and "Jedermanns Fest" (02).

She was among others married with the actors Philipp Lemaire and Michel Piccoli.

Other movies with Juliette Gréco: 
Au royaume des cieux (49) Ulysse ou les mauvaises rencontres (49) Sans laisser d'adresse (51) Saluti e baci (53) Quand tu liras cette lettre (53) Boum sur Paris (54) 33 tours et puis s'en vont (55) Eléna et les hommes (56) La châtelaine du Liban - Die Herrscherin vom Libanon (56) The Sun Also Rises (57) The Naked Earth (58) The Roots of Heaven - Die Wurzeln des Himmels (58) The Big Gamble (61) Maléfices (62) Canzoni nel mondo (63) L'amour à la mer (63) Serie "Belphégor" (65) Far West (73) Lily, aime-moi (75)