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Louis Malle

1932 - 1995

The director Louis Malle first studied political science but changed to the film academy in Paris.
His way from theory to practice of film making was unusual. When he was inquired by the famous deep sea researcher Jean Cousteau for a two-years lasting journey, Louis Malle accepted and learnt in this way the finesses of filming on board of the Calypso.
One of the common productions was "Le monde du silence - Die Welt des Schweigens" (56), where Malle was the director and cinematographer.

After his cooperation with Jacques Cousteau he worked among others for Jacques Tati and Robert Bresson before he realisded his first own feature movie as a director in 1957.
"Ascenseur pour l'échafaud - Fahrstuhl zum Schafott" (57) was a big success at the first go and counts to the classic today.

In the next years came other stirring movies into being which were very different and didn't show a real "Malle style".
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Les amants - Die Liebenden" (58), "Zazie dans le métro" (60), "Vie privée - Privatleben" (61), "Viva Maria!" (65) and "Le voleur - Der Dieb von Paris" (67).

But after that he turned his back on the film business and France and went to India for a longer time to oppen his mind for something new. There he shot the documentaries "Calcutta" (68) and "L'inde fantôme" (69).
When he realised again movies for the cinema at the beginning of the 70's there seemed to be a new Louis Malle at work.
Besides documentaries he also realised the productions "Le souffle au coeur - Herzflimmern" (71), "Lucien Lacombe" (74), "Black Moon" (75) and his first US movie "Pretty Baby" (78) with Brooke Shields.

Louis Malle concentrated on the work in the USA and he realised the movies "Atlantic City" (80) with the still unknown Susan Sarandon, "Alamo Bay" (85) and "God's Country" (86).
Finally followed one of his greatest successes and one of the most personal movies with "Au revoi les enfants - Auf Wiedersehen, Kinder (87).

To his last movies belong "Milou en mai - Eine Komödie im Mai" (90), "Fatale - Verhängnis" (92) and "Vanya on 42nd Street" (94). A project about the actress Marlene Dietrich didn't come off unfortunately, an illness forced him to interrupt the preparation, a few months later he died.

Louis Malle was among others married with the actress Candice Bergen.
He was honoured with many awards during his long-standing career, among them three Césars for the movie "Au revoir les enfants" (87) for direction, script and best movie as well as drei Oscar nomination in the years 1973, 1982 and 1988.

Other movies from Louis Malle: 
Crazeologie (53) Station 307 (54) Vive le tour (62) Le feu follet - Das Irrlicht (63) Bons baisers de Bangkok (64) Histoires extraordinaires: William Wilson (68) Place de la république (74) Humain, trop humain (74) Close Up (76) Dominique Sanda ou le rêve éveillé (77) My Dinner with Andre - Mein Essen mit André (81) Crackers - Fünf Gauner machen Bruch (84) And the Pursuit of Happiness - Und das Streben nach Glück (86) God's Country (86) 

Station 307 (54) Ascenseur pour l'échafaud - Fahrstuhl zum Schafott (58) Les amants (58) Zazie dans le métro (60) Vie privée (61) Vive le tour (62) Le feu follet (63) Viva Maria! (65) Le voleur (67) Histoires extraordinaires: William Wilson (68) Calcutta (68) Le souffle au coeur - Herzflimmern (71) Lacombe Lucien (74) Black Moon (75) Pretty Baby (78) Au revoir les enfants - Auf Wiedersehen, Kinder (87) Milou en mai (90)

Zazie dans le métro (60) Lacombe Lucien (74) Pretty Baby (78) Alamo Bay (85) Au revoir les enfants - Auf Wiedersehen, Kinder (87) Milou en mai (90) Fatale (92)

Station 307 (54) Vive le tour (62) And the Pursuit of Happiness (86) God's Country (86)

Vie privée (61) La fiancée du pirate (69) La vie de bohème (92)