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Marie Marquet

1895 - 1979

The actress Marie Marquet studied acting at the Conservatoire and was supported by Sarah Bernhardt to become an actress.
It soon followed first theater engagements and she took part in plays like "La cathédrale" and "L'Aiglon".
In 1923 she joined the Comédie Française and became a demanded actress.

She also got in touch with the film business very early, to her first appearances in front of the camera belong "Frères ennemis" (13) and "Sacrifice fraternel" (15).

She continued her film career in the 20's and 30's but these engagements kept rare. The theater offered her still the main activity.
To these movies belong "La voyante" (23) and "Sapho" (34).

Her career came to an abrupt interruption when she was arrested in 1944 and accused for collaboration with the Germans. According to her testimony she got in contact with the Vichy police in order to avoid that her son will join the Resistance. Her son fled but was arrested in Spain and brought to Buchenwald where he died in 1944.

Marie Marquet was acquitted but she was not allowed to return to the Comédie Française.
Consequently she took part in other stage productions and impersonated smaller roles in French movies like "Un jour avec vous" (52), "Lettre ouverte" (53), "Si Versailles m'était conté" (54), "Paris canaille" (56) and "Drôles de phénomènes" (59).

She continued her cinematical career in the 60's and 70's, normally in TV productions and serials.
To these movies belong "Arsène Lupin contre Arsène Lupin" (62), "Landru" (63), "Les combinards" (66), "La grande vadrouille" (66), "La visite de la vielle dame" (71), the serial "Lucien Leuwen" (73), "Le polygame" (74), the serial "Paul et Virginie" (74) and "Casanova" (76) directed by Federico Fellini.

Marie Marquet was among others married with the actors Victor Francen and Maurice Escande.

Other movies with Marie Marquet: 
De Medeminaars (13) La ferme du choquart (21) Interdit au public (49) Le 84 prend des vacances (50) Foyer perdu (52) Drôle de noce (52) Piédalu fait des miracles (52) Minuit…quai de Bercy (53) Les hommes en blanc (55) Le secret de soeur Angèle (56) La loi des rues (56) Quelle sacrée soirée (57) Au voleur! (61) Chéri (62) Nous irons à Deauville (62) Serie "Quelle famille!" (65) La vie de château (66) Le jardinier d'Argenteuil (66) Ca sacré grand-père (67) Phèdre (68) Serie "Les saintes chéries" (65) Bruno, l'enfant du dimanche (69) Serie "Les cinq dernières minutes: traitement de choc" (69) Serie "Enquêtes du commissaire Maigret: Maigret se fâche" (72) La bonne nouvelle (74) Le mouton enragé (74) Par ici la monnaie (74) Serie "Un curé de choc" (74) La merveilleuse visite (74) Le malin plaisir (75) Opération Lady Marlène (75) Monsieur Jadis (75) Une fille cousue de fil blanc (77)