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Pierre Mingand

1900 - 1982

The actor Pierre Mingand was able to launch a French film career in the 30s.
He made his screen debut with "La guerre des valses" (33) in which he impersonated the composer Johann Strauss. In the next years followed engagements for the productions  "Promesses" (35), "Quadrille d'amour" (35), "Le secret des Woronzeff" (35), "Mademoiselle Mozart" (36), "Les réprouvés" (37) and "Retour à l'aube" (38).

Beside he also became well-known as a singer and musician, among others he joined the Ray Ventura Orchestra. With his repeated film partner Danielle Darrieux he sang a duet.

In the 40s he took part in the productions "Mademoiselle Swing" (42), "Des jeunes filles dans la nuit" (43) and "Coup de tête" (44).
During the shooting of "Coup de tête" part of the coulisse collapsed and fell on Pierre Mingang. He was injured seriously and was immobile for several months. This led to the untimely end of his film career.
Only in 1948 he appeared in front of the camera again for the last time for the movie "Le voleur se porte bien" (48).

Other movies with Pierre Mingand: 
Mauvaise graine (34) Studio é louer (35) L'impossible aveu (35) La madone de l'atlantique (36) Les mariages de Mademoiselle Lévy (36) Pantins d'amour (37) Abus de confiance (37) Remontons les Champs-Elysées (38)