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Jean Reno


The actor Jean Reno was born as Don Juan Moreno y Jederique Jimenez in Casablanca, Morocco.

He came to France in 1960 and attended an acting study at the school of René Simon in 1970. After that he made his first experiences with theater group before he made his film debut in 1979 with "L'hypothèse du tableau volé".

First it followed smaller roles for the two-meter man like "Voulez-vous un bébé Nobel?" (80), "L'avant dernier" (81) and "La passante du Sans-Souci - Die Spaziergängerin von Sans-Souci" (82), than he had that fateful meeting which became important for his future career.

He shot his first movie under the direction of Luc Besson called "Le dernier combat - Der letzte Kampf" (83), finally it followed the international breakthrough in 1985 with Besson's "Subway" and with "Le grand bleu - Im Rausch der Tiefe" in 1988. He also worked together with Luc Besson for the movies "Nikita" (90) and "Léon" (94), which paved the way for the USA.
Other well-known movies of the 80s are "Et demain viendra le jour" (84), "I Love You" (86) and "Monsieur Benjamin" (87).

Jean Reno is regularly engaged in France as well as in the USA since the 90's. He obtained huge popularity with movies like "Les visiteurs - Die Besucher" (93), "French Kiss" (95), "Mission: Impossible" (96), "Le jaguar" (96), "Godzilla" (98), "Ronin" (98), "Les rivières pourpres - Die purpurnen Flüsse" (00), "Wasabi" (01) as well as the repeat performance of "The Pink Panther" (05) with Steve Martin.

Jean Reno was nominated for a César in 1989, 1994 and 1995.

Other movies with Jean Reno: 
Clair de femme - Die Liebe einer Frau (79) Serie "L'aéropostale, courrier du ciel" (80) On n'est pas des anges...elles non plus (81) Les bidasses aux grandes manoeuvres (81) Serie "Quelques hommes de bonne volonté" (83) Signes extérieurs de richesse (83) Ballade sanglante (83) Notre histoire (84) Alea (84) Serie "Allô Béatrice: Charmant week-end" (84) Le téléphone sonne toujours deux fois (85) Un homme comblé (85) Strictement personnel (85) Serie "Tender Is the Night" (85) Zone rouge (86) Pour venger Pépère (86) L'homme au masque d'or (90) L'opération Corned-Beef (91) Loulou Graffiti (91) La vis (93) Paranoia (93) Flight from Jusitce (93) Les truffes (95) Al di la delle nuvole - Jenseits der Wolken (95) Roseanna's Grave (97) Un amour de sorcière (97) Les soeurs soleil (97) Les couloirs du temps: Les visiteurs 2 - Die Zeitritter (98) Just Visiting (01) Décalage horaire (02) Rollerball (02) Tais-toi (03) Les rivières pourpres 2 - Les anges de l'apocalypse (04) L'enquête corse (04)