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Emmanuelle Seigner


The actress Emmanuelle Seigner descends from an artistic family, her grandfather was the actor Louis Seigner and her father was active as a photographer. Both sisters are also dedicated to the limelight, one as an actress (Mathilde Seigner), the other as a singer.

Emmanuelle Seigner had her first public appearance as a model, from the middle of the 80's came also her first movies into being, among them "L'année des méduses" (84) and "Détective" (85).

The breakthrough followed three years later with Roman Polanski's "Frantic" (88) at Harrison Ford's side.

From the 90's followed regular engagements in front of the camera, to these productions belong "Bitter Moon" (92), "Le sourire" (94), "Nirvana" (97), "Place Vendôme" (98) and "The Ninth Gate" (99) with Johnny Depp.

To her latest cinematical works belong "Laguna" (01), "Corps à corps" (03), "Sans toi" (04) and "La môme" (07).

Emmanuelle Seigner is married with the director Roman Polanski.

Other movies with Emmanuelle Seigner:
Cours privé (86) Il male scuro (90) Pourvu que ça dure (96) La divine poursuite (97) RPM (98) Buddy Boy (99) Fernando Krapp m'a écrit cette lettre (00) Streghe verso nord (01) Os imortais (03) Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants (04) Backstage (05) Four Last Songs (07) Le scaphandre et le papillon (07)