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Charles Trenet

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1913 - 2001

The actor, singer and composer Charles Trenet was well-known for his musical talent in the first place who spent about 65 years in the show business.
Because his father was a violinist he came in contact with the music at an early age.

Charles Trenet was enthusiastic about the performing arts from 1930, beside it he wrote two novels, drew and painted.
He wrote for songs in 1933 and finished his education at SACEM. He met the pianist Johnny Hess and they worked successfully together in the following years. It followed engagements at the Lido in 1934 where he met Ray Ventura and Paul Misraki.
The duo separated when Charles Trenet was called up for the military service in 1936.

He was dismissed one year later and started a great solo career. His breakthrough came when Maurice Chevalier interpreted his song "Y a d'la joie" and Yves Montand his song "C'est la vie qui va".

At the end of the 30's he also took part in first movies like "Je chante" (38) and "La route enchantée" (38); his first record "Je chante" was a big success.

Just before the end of World War II he went to Hollywood where he teamed up with stars like Louis Armstrong and George Gershwin. 1948 followed a six-year tour around the world and when he returned to Paris in 1954 he was warmly welcomed.
He played in some post-war movies like "Chansons ont leur destin" (53), "Printemps à Paris" (57) and "L'or du duc" (65).

When Charles Trenet died at the age of 88 he posthumous more than 1000 songs to the posterity.
His timeless compositions is demonstrated in movies which came before and also after his death into being and which used one of his songs. To these movies belong "Tequila Sunrise" (88), "French Kiss" (95), "Novocaine" (01), "Finding Nemo" (03) and "The Dreamers" (03).
His greatest hit was "La mer", a song he wrote within 20 minutes in 1943 during a train journey between Narbonne to Carcassonne.

Other movies with Charles Trenet: 
La romance de Paris (41) Frédérica (42) Adieu Léonard (43) La cavalcade des heures (43) Bouquet de joie (52) An jedem Finger zehn (54) 

Je chante (38) La route enchantée (38) La romance de Paris (41) Frédérica (42) Adieu Léonard (43) La cavalcade des heures (43) Neuf garçons, un coeur (48) Bouquet de joie (52) Chansons ont leur destin (53) The Last Time I Saw Paris (54) Serie "Poly" (65) Solo de noche vienes (66) Baisers volés (68) Mes petites amoureuses (74) L'argent de poche (76) Serie "Sans famille" (81)Toto le héros (91) Y'a d'la joie!...Et d'l'amour (97) Iris (01)