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Gabriel Yared


The Lebanese composer Gabriel Yared made especially a name as a filmcomposer, first for the French later also for the international cinema.
He grew up in Lebanon where he got lessons for music. He soon found out that his strong point was the composition and not to play instruments.
When his piano teacher died he took over his place as an organist at the University Saint Joseph in Beirut - he was only 14 years old. He also composed his first waltz in the same year.

Gabriel Yared took the plunge and went to Paris where he broadened his music knowledge with a study, among others by Henri Dutilleux.

He achieved a first international success with his compositing für the Rio "Maracanazinho" Song Festival in Brazil. It followed works in South America.
After one and a half year he returned to France where he gained a foothold as a conductor for the time being. Later followed songs for well-known singers like Sylvie Vartan, Gilbert Bécaud, Johnny Hallyday, Françoise Hardy and Charles Aznavour.

Although he already composed the music for the movie "Miss O'gynie et les hommes fleurs" (74) his real career as a film composer began only in the 80's.

In 1980 he wrote the music for Jean-Luc Godard's "Sauve qui peut (la vie), it followed other movies like "Malevil" (81), "Les petites guerres" (82), "Nemo" (84), "37°2 le matin" (86) for which he was nominated for the César, "Agent Trouble" (87) for which he was nominated for another César, "La romana" and "Camille Claudel" (88) for which he was awarded with the César.

In the 90's followed other highlights in his career and he set many successful productions to mucis, among them "Vincent & Theo" (90), "L'amant" (92) for which he won his second César, "Map of the Human Heart" (93), "Les marmottes" (93), "The English Patient" (96) for which he was an Oscar, the Golden Globe as well as a Grammy, "City of Angels" (98) and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (99) for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

To his latest cinematical works belong "The One and Only" (02), "Cold Mountain" (03) for which was again nominated for the Oscar, "Bon voyage" (04) for which he was nominated for the César, "L'avion" (05), "Das Leben der Anderen" (0'7) and "Manolete" (07).

Other movies from Gabriel Yared: 
Serie "Jean-Christophe" (78) Invitation au voyage (82) Interdit aux moins de 13 ans (82) Serie "L'académie des 9" (82) La scarlatine 883) La java des ombres (83) Sarah (83) La lune dans le caniveau (83) Hanna K. (83) La diagonale du fou (84) Tir à vue (84) Water and Man (85) Adieu Bonaparte (85) Le téléphone sonne toujours deux fois (85) Scout toujours… (85) Zone rouge (86) Flagrant désir (86) Désordre (86) Comment Want-Fo fut sauvé (87) Last Song (87) Beyond Therapy (87) L'homme voilé (87) Gandahar (88) Les saisons du plaisir (88) Clean and Sober (88) Le testament d'un poète juif assassiné (88) Une nuit é l'Assemblée Nationale (88) Tennessee Nights (89) Romero (89) Tatie Danielle (90) Les 1001 nuits (90) La putain du roi (90) Le diable amoureux (91) The First Circle (91) L'arche et les déluges (92) IP5: L'île aux pachydermes (92) La fille de l'air (92) L'instinct de l'ange (93) Profil bas (93) Des feux mal étaints (94) Fall from Grace (94) Wings of Courage (95) Noir comme le souvenir (95) L'homme aux semelles de vent (95) La dame du cirque (96) Hercule et Sherlock (96) Tonka (97) Clavigo (99) Message in a Bottle (99) Premier de cordée (99) Autumn in New York (00) Not Afraid, Not Afraid (01) Lisa (01) L'idole (02) Possession (02) Les marins perdus (03) Sylvia (03) Shall We Dance (04) Faetre og kusiner om Frederik & Mary (04) Azur et Asmar (06) Breaking an Entering (06) Prvi put s ocem na izbore (06)