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Fern Andra

Picture Fern Andra
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1893 - 1974

The actress Fern Andra was born as Fern Elisbeth Andrews in Watseka, Illinois. Born into a circus family she already made her entrance at the age of four with a tightrope act on the stage, one year later she appeared at a theater with the play "Onkel Toms Hütte".

During her engagements from London to the Berliner Wintergarten she got in contact with the filmbusiness. In 1913 she made her filmdebut with the movie "Ave Maria" and only one year later she achieved great successes with "Vermisst gemeldet" (14), "Der Stern" (14) and "Mondfischerin" (14).

Fern Andra turned out to be a woman for everybody. From 1915 she wrote scripts, directed moves and took on the production. At the same year she founded her own film production called "Andra-Film", one year later she opened the Fern-Andra film studio. To her works as a director belong "Eine Motte flog zum Licht" (15), "Ernst ist das Leben" (16) and "Wenn Menschen reif zur Liebe werden" (16).

Fern Andra often used her appropriated talents of acrobatic during her circus time and put it in action for her movies where the audience could admire her daring and courage. 
Fern Andra was also aware of how to promote her movies and herself. She was so to speak a pioneer of "Making-Of" trailers in which she reported about accidents during the shooting and the work behind the scenes.

When the USA entered World War I, Fern Andra became looked upon as an enemy and was suspected to be a spy because she was born in the USA. In order to make an end to these rumours she got married with the Prussian baron Friecrich von und zu Weichs which was killed in the war a short time later.

In the following years she achieved further successes with her movies, to the most popular productions belong "Gesprengte Ketten" (15), "Die Seele einer Frau" (16), "Die Rache des Titanen" (19), "Genuine" (20), "Die Nacht der Königin Isabeau" (20) and "Der rote Reiter" (23).

The movie "Genuine" infuriated great arousal at that time that's why Fern Andra acted in front of the camera with a directly on her body painted costume by the artist César Klein.

In 1922 Fern Andra survived an air crash where her companion, the pilot Lothar von Richthofen, was killed. In 1924 she got married with the middleweight boxer Kurt Prenzel - events which were thoroughly exploited by the press. She was also married with the actor Ian Keith. She was married four times in total.

The stardom of Fern Andra was drawing to its close from the middle of the 20's. She acted in "Zalamort" (24), "Frauen der Leidenschaft" (26) and "Funkzauber" (27) but the success didn't come back again. 
Also her trip to England couldn't set her career going. In England she appeared in "The Warning" (28), "Spangles" (28) and "The Eyes of the World" (30), after that she concentrated on radio and TV works and played at theaters.

Other movies with Fern Andra:
Auf Patrouille im Osten (14) Zwei Freunde (15) Geheimnisvolle Gewalten (15) Pariser Mode - von heute (15) Eine Motte flog zum Licht (15) Es fiel ein Reif in der Frühlingsnacht (15) Ernst ist das Leben (16) Der Gürtel der Dollarfürstin (16) Wenn Menschen reif zur Liebe werden (16) Sein letzter Richterspruch (16) Der Seele Saiten schwingen nicht (17) Ein Blatt im Sturm...doch das Schicksal hat es verweht (17) Des Lebens ungemischte Freude (17) Die nach Glück und Liebe suchen (18) Drohende Wolken am Firmament (18) Frühlingsstürme im Herbste des Lebens (18) Auf des Lebens rauher Bahn (18) Um Krone und Peitsche/Der Todessprung (18) Saferndri, die Tänzerin von Dschiapur (18) Gebannt und erlöst (19) Der Frauenspekulant (19) Madame Récamier (20) Zwei Menschen (21) Die treibende Kraft (21) Des Lebens und der Liebe Wellen (21) Praschnas Geheimnis (22) Die Liebe ist der Frauen Macht/Kabale und Liebe im Zirkus (24) ...und es lockt ein Ruf aus sündiger Welt (25) The Burgomaster of Stilemonde (28) Lotus Lady (30)