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Kirsten Heiberg

1907 - 1976

The actress Kirsten Heiberg began her theater and film career in her home country Norway. First she impersonated countless theater roles in Bergen, after that followed engagements in Oslo. She made her film debut in 1934 with the Norwegian movies "Syndere i sommersol" (34) and "Sangen om Rondane" (34), later followed Swedish movies too.

Finally she went to Austria where she appeared at the theater. There she met her prospective husband and filmcomposer Franz Grothe. They went to Berlin and Kirsten Heiberg was engaged for the movie "Napoleon ist an allem schuld" (38). This movie marked the breakthrough to a great career which was lasting till 1945.
To her well-known movies till the end of war belong "Alarm auf Station III" (39), "Achtung! Feind hört mit!" (40), "Titanic" (43), "Die goldene Spinne" (43) and "Philharmoniker" (44).
Besides her acting abilities she was also very popular with the film songs of her husband.

After the began a difficult time for Kirsten Heiberg. Her marriage with Franz Grothe went on the rocks. She went back to Oslo but because of her career in Nazi Germany people didn't pay much attention to her and she only got few film offers. At the theater she was able to continue her career in Norway and had some successes.
She returned to Germany sometimes in order to appear in single movies in the next years, but she wasn't able to go on from her earlier successes.
To her last movies belong "Hafenmelodie" (49), "Bei Dir war es immer so schön" (54) and "Broder Gabrielsen" (66).

Other movies with Kirsten Heiberg:
Du har lovet mig en kone! (35) Han, hon och pengarna (36) Ryska snuvan (37) O, en sa'n natt! (37) Frauen für Golden Hill (38) Der singende Tor (39) La casa lontana (39) Falschmünzer (40) Liebespremiere (43) Die schwarze Robe (44) Axel an der Himmelstür (44) Eines Tages (44) Rätsel der Nacht (45) Amico (49) Furioso (50)