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Leo Mittler

1893 - 1958

The director and scriptwriter Leo Mittler was able to gain a foothold as an actor after his studies at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He also realised his first stage plays as a director as early as 1910.

Leo Mittler came to the film business in 1926 where he realised several films as a director in the next years.
His silent films include "In der Heimat, da gibt's ein Wiedersehn!" (26), "Serenissimus und die letzte Jungfrau" (28) and "Jenseits der Strasse" (29).

In the 30's he was active as a director first in France and after his emigration to England. These works include "Der König von Paris" (30), "Leichtsinnige Jugend" (31), "Der Sprung ins Nichts" (32), "La voix sans visage" (33), "Honeymoon for Three" (35) and "The Last Waltz" (36).

He returned to Germany after the war and was able to realise few more movies as a director like "Heimkehr des Helden" (55), "Das kalte Licht" (55) and "Die lustige Witwe" (58).

His scripts include "Sechzehn Töchter und kein Papa" (29), "Les otages" (39), "The Ghost Ship" (43), "Song of Russia" (44) and "Blick zurück im Zorn" (58).

Other movies from Leo Mittler (Director):
Es gibt eine Frau, die dich niemals vergisst (30) Sonntag des Lebens (31) Le roi de Paris (31) La incorregible (31) Jede Frau hat etwas (31) Tropennächte (31) Das Konzert (31) Les nuits de Port Said (32) Une nuit à l'hôtel (32) Une heure (32) La vitrine (32) Amour et publicité (33) Cheer Up (36) La dernière valse (36) Defraudanten (54) Der Schwierige (56)

Clearing the Way (47) Heimkehr des Helden (55) Das kalte Licht (55) Die lustige Witwe (58) Leihauslegende (59)