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Alexander Moissi

Picture Alexander Moissi
Foto: Fritz Richard (1870-1933)

1879 - 1935

The actor Alexander Moissi grew up in Albania when his parents had to go back from Triest to Albania.
His family returned to triest when he was 10 years old, later he lived in Vienna where he appeared on stage at the Burgtheater for the first time.

In this time he was spotted by Paul Schlenther and the great theater actor Joseph Kainz and he attended acting lessons with this famous actor.

His first engagement at the Neues Deutsches Theater in Prague followed in 1901. He went to Berlin later and soon belonged to the regular cast at Max Reinhardt's theater. He had great successes with "Romeo und Julia" (07), "Hamlet" (09) and "König Ödipus" (10).

Alexander Moisse made his film debut in 1913 with the production "Das schwarze Los" (13), it followed "Die Augen des Ole Brandis" (13), "Sein einziger Sohn" (15) and "Kulissenzauber" (15).
In World War I he was mobilized as an airman and was taken prisoner in France. He got free five months later through a prisoner exchange.

Alexander Moissi appeared in the following years especially on German stages. In 1918 followed a whole string of movies like "Pique Dame" (18), "Der Ring der drei Wünsche" (18) and "Zwischen Tod und Leben" (19).

The meanwhile high respected actor appeared only seldom in front of the camera during the 20's and 30's, even his theater engagements in Germany dropped off dramatically. To his last movies belong "Die Nacht der Königin Isabeau" (20), "Die Königsloge" (29) and "Lorenzino de Medici" (35).

In the 20's he had more success in Russia, France, Austria and Italy than in Germany, in 1934 he applied for the Italian nationality.
Alexander Moissi died in Vienna one year later because of a pneumonia.

Other movies with Alexander Moissi:
Erborgtes Glück (18) Der Sohn der Götter - Der junge Goethe (18) Figaros Hochzeit (20)