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Seymour Nebenzahl

1899 - 1961

The film producer Seymour Nebenzahl finished an education at a bank and afterwards he worked as an estate agent before he founded his own bank.

The film business exerted a magic pull to him and he founded his own film company in 1925. Two years later his company combined with the company of Richard Oswald and they became the Nero-Film GmbH.
Soon Seymour Nebenzahl was able to engage well-known movie directors for the Nero Film and Seymour Nebenzahl produced popular silent movies like "Sein grösster Bluff" (27), "Die Gefangene von Shanghai" (27), "Scampolo" (28), "Die Büchse der Pandora" (29) and "Ehe in Not" (29).

He realised some important German movies at the beginning of the 30s, among them "Menschen am Sonntag" (30), "Westfront 1918" (30), "Kohlhiesels Töchter" (30), "Die 3 Groschen-Oper" (31), "M" (31), "Die Herrin von Atlantis" (32) and "Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse" (33).

With the rise of the National Socialist the Jew Seymour Nebenzahl was no longer able to work in Germany. He left his country and first went to Paris where he produced other movies like "La crise est finie" (34), "La vie parisienne" (36), "Mayerling" (36), "La principessa Tarakanova (38) and "Le roman de Werther" (38).

Finally he went to the USA where he gained a foothold as a producer again.
In the next years he produced the movies "Prisoner of Japan" (42), "Tomorrow We Live" (42), "Hitler's Madman" (43), "The Chase" (46) and "Siren of Atlantis" (49).

Shortly before his passing Seymour Nebenzahl returned to Germany where he produced his last movie with "Bis zum Ende aller Tage" (61).

His son Harold Nebenzahl became a writer and film producer.

Other movies from Seymour Nebenzahl:
Rätsel einer Nacht (27) La storia di una piccola Parigina (28) Tragödie im Zirkus Royal (28) Die Durchgängerin (28) Liebeskarneval (28) Das letzte Souper (28) Das letzte Fort (29) Tagebuch einer Kokotte (29) Meineid (29) Trust der Diebe (29) Die kleine Veronika (29) Der Witwenball (30) Der Detektiv des Kaisers (30) Skandal um Eva (30) 24 Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau (31) Kameradschaft (31) Eine Nacht im Grandhotel (31) Tre uomini in frak (33) Eve cherche un père (33) Le roi des Champs-Elysées (34) Cargaison blanche (37) We Who Are Young (40) Summer Storm (44) Whistle Stop (46) Heaven Only Knows (47) M (51)