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Max Pallenberg

Foto: Wilhelm Willinger (1879-1943)

1877 - 1934

Although Max Pallenberg was a highly respected theater actor and comedian, it is difficult to get biographical particulars of this actor.

The film business wasn't an important object in his career. He had great success with his figure Pampulik in movies like "Pampulik als Affe" (12) and "Pampulik krieg ein Kind" (12). Other detectable movies of him are "Max und seine zwei Frauen" (15) and "Der brave Sünder" (31) with Heinz Rühmann.

In his private life Max Pallenberg was married from 1918 with one of the greatest operetta stars of this time - Fritzi Massary.

The Jewish couple became soon a butt in the 30's of the anti-Semitic propaganda and they had to fled from Germany in 1933.
Max Pallenberg was killed in an air crash near Karlsbad one year later. He changed his ticket for the five o'clock flight against a ticket which left Prague already at three o'clock. The five o'clock flight arrived on time, Pallenberg's flight however crashed few minutes after the takeoff.

Max Pallenberg was famous for modernizing classical lyrics and to recite it in a characteristic, often aggressive style, similar to Klaus Kinski in later years.
Kurt Tucholsky described Max Pallenberg as "a devil, a good who behaves badly".

Other movies with Max Pallenberg:
Pampulik hat Hunger (13) Der rasende Roland (15) Kapellmeister Pflegekind (15) Die Nacht und der Leichnam (21)