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Martin Rickelt

1915 - 2004

The actor Martin Rickelt already joined the film business at the age of five when he appeared in "Schmied von Kochel" (20). Hif father was the famous actor Gustav Rickelt.

Afterwards it lasted till 1931 before he was able to continue his film career as a juvenile actor.
To his movies of the 30s belong "Emil und die Detektive" (31) as a bellboy, "Das Geheimnis um Betty Bonn" (38), "Pour le Mérite" (38) and "Das Gewehr über" (39).
Beside it he also started a stage career and he got engagements at different theaters in Berlin.

During World War II he was only appearing "Ein Robinson" (40) because he soon had to serve in the army.
During his military operations in the Ukraine he lead a front theater together with soldiers and natives. There he met his wive Tamara Renko. But till both could carry on a normal life several years passed by. First his wive had to travel to Germany with faked papers and Martin Rickelt was taken prisoner of war for three years.

After the war Martin Rickelt was able to continue his film career and he impersonated numerous support roles in the productions "Familie Benthin" (50), "Der Untertan" (51), "Ein Mädchen aus Flandern" (56), "Der Jugendrichter" (60), an episode of the serial "Der Forellenhof: Schreck in der Abendstunde" (66) and "Das Rätsel von Piskov" (69).

In the 70s followed cinematical works like "Der Nervtöter" (73), the serial "Die Powentbande" (74), an episode of the serial "MS Franziska: Verspätung" (78) and "Strafsache gegen F." (78).

Afterwards he acted in "Ausgeträumt" (85) and an episode of the serial "Tatort: Spiel mit dem Feuer" (87) before he became well-known to a wide audience with his longtime appearance in the cult serial "Lindenstrasse" (87-04).

To his last movies belong "Achterloo IV" (89), an episode of the serial "Ein Fall für zwei: Roter Freitag" (90) and an episode of the serial "Die Wache: Gesucht wird..." (94)

Other movies with Martin Rickelt:
Wir parken, wo es uns gefällt (34) Quartett zu fünft (49) Die letzte Heuer (51) Die Schule der Väter (55) Serie "Alle meineTiere: Der Urlaub" (63) Die Zwillinge aus Venedig (65) Serie "Gewagtes Spiel: Simili" (65) Serie "Fernahrer: Der neue Wagen" (67) Serie "Ferdinand Fuchs bittet um Mitarbeit: Herr Kressner, bitte melden" (68) Serie "Die Kramer: Im Landschulheim" (69) Chopin-Express (71) 6 Zimmer Sonnenseite (75) Serie "Freiwillige Feuerwehr: Alleingang" (76) Serie" Kumpel mit Chauffeur" (81) Serie "Ein Fall für zwei: Über den Tod hinaus..." (87) Entführung aus der Lindenstrasse (95)