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Greta Schröder

Foto: Ernst Reichardt (?-1932)

1891 o. 1892 - 1967 o. 1980

The actress Greta Schröder was born as Margarete Schröder in Düsseldorf. There are different information about her year of birth (1891 or 1892) and year of death (1967 or 1980).

Despite the retention of her family she fulfilled her wish to become an actress. She took acting lessons and she made her stage debut at the theater Berlin by Max Reinhardt.

Shortly afterwards she also appeared in her first movie "Die Insel der Seligen" (13) directed by Max Reinhardt. With the birth of her son she retired from the public temporarily, only from 1920 she took part again in some movies and acted regularly on stage.

Because her focus was on the theater she only acted in few more movies of the 20s. Still she was able to leave a permanent impression thank to several well-known movies.

To her most popular works of those years belong "Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam" (20) with Paul Wegener", "Marizza, genannt die Schmuggler-Madonna" (22) and "Paganini" (23) but especially her leading role in the legendary "Nosferatu" (22) at Max Schreck's side granted her an entry into film history.

Despite these early success she did not play again in movies in the next years. Only from 1937 she acted again in front of the camera.
To these works belong the British productions "Victoria the Great" and "Sixty Glorious Years" (38) as well as the German productions "Grossstadtmeodie" (43) and "Kolberg" (45).

After the war followed few more movies like "Maria Theresia" (51), "Pünktchen und Anton" (53), "Sterne über Colombo" (53) and "Die Gefangene des Maharadscha" (54).

Besides her activity as an actress Greta Schröder also wrote the screenplays for "Zucker und Zimt" (15) and "Das Phantom der Oper" (16).
She was married with the actors Ernst Matray and Paul Wegener.

Other movies with Greta Schröder:
Die geschlossene Kette (20) Der verlorene Schatten (21) Zirkus des Lebens (21) Es leuchtet meine Liebe (22) Brüder -- Zwischen Himmel und Erde (23) Wildvogel (43)