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Anneliese Uhlig

1918 - 2017

The actress Anneliese Uhlig was born into an artistic family. Her mother was the opera singer Margarethe Maschmann, her father the stage actor Kurt Uhlig.
After acting lessons at the Reimann Academy she already made her film debut in 1937 with "Manege" (37). In the same year she also appeared successfully at the theater.

Anneliese Uhlig became soon a popular star who appeared in movies like "Der Vorhang fällt" (39), "Kriminalkommissar Eyck" (39), "Golowin geht durch die Stadt" (40) und "Blutsbrüderschaft" (40). When she gave offence to Joseph Goebbels she went to Italy where she took part in a total of five Italian movies, among them "Tempesta sul golfo" (43) and "La Fornarina" (44).

She returned to Germany in 1944 and continued her film career with "Der Majoratsherr" (44) and "Ruf an das Gewissen" (45).

The film business was no subject for her after the war for the time being. She worked for the US special service and was foreign correspondent from 1946 to 1967. Beside it she wrote political articles for different newspapers. She moved to the USA in 1948 where she later got the US nationality.

Only from the 50's she appeared again in front of the camera in Germany, so in "Solange Du da bist" (53) and "Dany, bitte schreiben Sie" (56).
After that followed another break of her activity in Germany which she only continued in the 70s again, for both theater and film.
To her last movies belong "Der Monddiamant" (74) and "Es gibt noch Haselnusssträucher" (83).

Other movies with Anneliese Uhlig:
Die Stimme aus dem Äther (39) Verdacht auf Ursula (39) Das Recht auf Liebe (39) Herz ohne Heimat (40) Don Cesare di Bazan (42) Mater dolorosa (43) Um 9 kommt Harald (43) La Primadonna (43) Solistin Anna Alt/Wenn die Musik nicht wär (44) Frau über Bord/Das Mädchen Juanita (45) Im Räderwerk (55) Von zwölf bis zwölf (55) Die Hochzeit des Figaro (55) Bestseller (56) Das Klavier (72) Serie "Okay S.I.R." (72) Serie "Der Kommissar: Sonderbare Vorfälle im Hause von Professor S." (73) Im Vorhof der Wahrheit (74) Serie "Der Winter, der ein Sommer war" (76) Guten Abend, Mrs. Sunshine (80)