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Lilian Weiss

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The actress Lilian Weiss was only active as a movie actress for few years. Her career remained limited to the silent movie era.

She made her first movie with "Aus eigener Kraft" (24). In this movie she played a maid at the side of Olga Engl and Willy Kaiser-Heyl.
Afterwards she was Alessa in "Weil Du es bist" (25) with Albert Paulig and Hanni Weisse and under the direction of Heinrich Lisson she impersonated a dancer in "Im Krug zum grünen Kranze" (25).

Her last cinematical works came in the second half of the 20s into being.
To these works belong "Klettermaxe" (27) with Dorothea Wieck, Paul Heidemann and Ruth Weyher, Wilhelm Thiele's "Der Anwalt des Herzens" (27) with Lil Dagover, Jean Murat and Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, again as a maid in "Das gefährliche Alter" (27) with Asta Nielsen, Bernhard Goetzke and Hans Wassmann, as Midinett in "Fürst oder Clown" (28) with Marcella Albani, Barbara von Annenkoff and Ivan Petrovic as well as "Charlott etwas verrückt" (28) directed by Adolf E. Licho with Lya de Putti, Livio Pavanelli and Anton Pointner.