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Olga Wohlbrück

Olga Wohlbrück

1867 - 1933

The author, actress and director Olga Wohlbrück grew up in a well-to-do family and she lived in Russia till to her adolescence.
Already in Russia she wrote first stories and she was interested in performing arts.

Because her grandmother was an actress who lived in Paris, Olga Wohlbrück moved to Paris as well where she was able to launch her stage career.
She made her stage debut at the Théâtre National de l'Odéon, it followed other engagements in Paris.
She went to Berlin in 1888 together with her husband, the writer Maximilian Bern, where she continued her theater career. In Berlin she also realised first plays as a director.

Beside it Olga Wohlbrück was also successful as an author and she wrote many books.

Faszinated by the film business she directed the movie "Ein Mädchen zu verschenken" (13), for this movie she also wrote the screenplay.
Another screenplay followed for "Das goldene Bett" (13), based on her book of the same name from 1910.

In the next years several books of her were filmed by other directors, among them the productions "Der schwarze Pierrot" (16), "Babarok" (18), "Das Schicksal der Carola van Geldern" (19), "Die goldene Krone" (20), "Berlin W." (20), "Künstlerlaunen" (24) and "Athleten" (25).