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Lillian Walker

1887 - 1975

Die Schauspielerin Lillian Walker war in den 10er Jahren ein grosser Star des Stummfilms.
Begonnen hatte sie ihre Laufbahn bereits 1909 und mit ihrem Vertrag bei Vitagraph 1911 wurde sie schnell bekannt und spielte oft zusammen mit John Bunny in vielen Filmen.
Zu ihren ersten Produktionen gehören "Love's Awakening" (10), "The Inherited Taint" (11), "In the Arctic Night" (11), "The Willow Tree" (11), "Cherry Blossoms" (11), "The Great Diamond Robbery" (12), "Pandora's Box" (12), "The Money Kings" (12), "The Reincarnation of Karma" (12), "Cinerella's Slipper" (13), "The Mouse and the Lion" (13), "The Carpenter" (13) und "The Right Man" (13).

Mitte der 10er Jahre erreichte sie den Höhepunkt ihrer Laufbahn und sie agierte in den nächsten Jahren in den erfolgreichen Filmen "Art for a Heart" (14), "Lillian's Dilemma" (14), "Lily of the Valley" (14), "The Enemies" (15), "The Fire Escape" (15), "The Ordeal of Elizabeth" (16), "The Kid" (16), "Indiscretion" (17) und The Princess of Park Row" (17).

1918 gründete sie ihre eigene Produktionsgesellschaft "Crest Productions", doch die Glanzzeit ihrer Karriere war vorüber, neue Gesichter waren gefragt.
Sie agierte noch in den Filmen "The Embarassment of Riches" (18), "The Better Wife" (19), "The Joyous Liar" (19), "A Woman of No Importance" (21) und "Serum of Evil" (22).

Es folgte ein längerer Unterbruch, ehe sie 1929 in dem Film "Pusher-in-the-Face" (29) und 1934 in "Enlighten Thy Daughter" (34) - ihrem einzigen Tonfilm - nochmals vor die Kamera trat.

In den 30er Jahren widmete sie sich wieder vermehrt dem Theater und spielte u.a. auch am Broadway.

Weitere Filme mit Lillian Walker: 
C.Q.D. or Saved by Wireless; a True Story of the Wreck of the Republic (09) A Tale of Two Cities (11) The Wild Cat Well (11) A Widow Visiths Springtown (11) Teaching McFadden to Waltz (11) The Second Honeymoon (11) The Prince and the Pumps (11) A Friendly Marriage (11) By Way of Mrs. Browning (11) The Tired, Absent-Minded Man (11) The Wager (11) Their Charming Mama (11) The Husking Bee (11) Testing His Courage (11) Alma's Champion (12) Caught in the Rain (12) Tom Tilling's Baby (12) Winning Is Losing (12) The Hobo's Redemption (12) Stenographers Wanted (12) The Diamond Brooch (12) Irene's Infatuation (12) Mr. Bolter's Infatuation (12) The suit of Armor (12) Her Forgotten Dancing Shoes (12) His Mother-in-Law (12) Working for Hubby (12) The Pink Pajama Girl (12) Thou Shalt Not Covet (12) When Daddy Was Wise (12) Leap Year Proposals (12) An Eventful Elopement (12) The Cylinder's Secret (12) The Troublesome Step-Daughters (12) Wanted, a Sister (12) The Miracle (12) At the Eleventh Hour (12) The Lovesick Maidens of Cuddleton (12) Saving an Audience (12) She Wanted a Boarder (12) The Indian Mutiny (12) An Elephant on Their Hands (12) The Godmother (12) The Servant Problem; or, How Mr. Bullington Ran the House (12) Four Days a Widow (12) Romance of a Rickshaw (12) A Marriage of Convenience (12) While She Powdered Her Nose (12) Billy's Pipe Dream (12) It All Came Out in the Wash (12) The Two Purses (13) The Volunteer Strike Breakers (13) The Classmate's Frolic (13) Stenographer's Troubles (13) He Waited (13) Mr. Ford's Temper (13) The Final Justice (13) The Wonderful Statue (13) Two Souls with But a SingleThought; or, A Maid and Three Men (13) Cutey and the Chorus Girls (13) The Artist's Great Madonna (13) A Lady and Her Maid (13) Three to One (13) A Husband's Trick (13) The White Slave; or, The Octoroon (13) One Can't Always Tell (13) Bunny's Dilemma (13) One Over on Cutey (13) Love's Quarantine (13) The Only Way (13) The Feudists (13) When Society Calls (13) When the Press Speaks (13) Keeping Husbands Home (13) Cutey's Waterloo (13) Those Troublesome Tresses (13) Which Way Did He Go? (13) The Autocrat of Flapjack Junction (13) Our Wives (13) The Girl at the Lunch Counter (13) The Life Saver (13) Timing Cupid (14) The Misadventures of a Mighty Monarch (14) The Street Singers (14) Cutey's Vacation (14) Doctor Polly (14) The Speeder's Revenge (14) Cherry (14) Love, Luck and Gasoline (14) Cutey's Wife (14) Fanny's Melodrama (14) The Boys of the I.O.U. (14) Eve's Daughter (14) The Accomplished Mrs. Thompson (14) The Persistent Mr. Prince (14) Bread Upon the Waters (14) The Winning Trick (14) David Garrick (14) The New Stenographer (14) The Lost Cord (14) A Close Call (14) A Costume Piece (14) In the Land of Arcadia (14) Miss Tomboy and Freckles (14) Arthur Truman's Ward (14) The Methods of Margaret (14) Hearts and the Highway (15) Peggy of Fifth Avenue (15) Breaking In (15) The Capitulation of the Major (15) Lifting the Ban of Coventry (15) A Lily in Bohemia (15) The Love Whip (15) The Guttersnipe (15) To Save Him for His Wife (15) Dimples, the Auto Salesman (15) Playing the Game (15) The Little Doll's Dressmaker (15) The Silent W (15) The Honeymoon Pact (15) Dimples and the Ring (15) A Keyboard Strategy (15) Save the Coupons (15) Lillian's Husbands (15) The Shabbies (15) A "Model" Wife (15) Green Stockings (16) Mrs. Dane's Danger (16) Her Bad Quarter of an Hour (16) The Man Behind the Curtain (16) Hesper of the Mountains (16) The Blue Envelope Mystery (16) The Dollar and the Law (16) Kitty MacKay (17) Dimple's Baby (17) Sally in a Hurry (17) Lust of the Ages (17) The Grain of Dust (18) The Love Hunger (19) A White Man's Chance (19) The $1'000'000 Reward (20) The Woman God Changed (21) Love's Boomerang (22)