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When the series started in the cinemas in 1936 with 13 episodes, it became very popular in no time.
Intended as supporting films a lot of moviegoers thronged to the cinemas only to see the sequels of these episodes.

Although the serial was produced with a low budget,which is also reflected in the plain special effects (rocket propulsion interpreted by sparklers, landing approach of the spaceship simulated with a bar), the audience enjoyed it.
One of the reason was that the serial orientated by the comic version and even tried to copy the costumes and figures.

For keeping the audience at it the producers used a simple formula. At the end of each episode they left the young hero in an almost hopeless situation, so everyone wondered how the young hero could rescue himself. The solutions the producers offered were more or less original.

Where success is, a continuation doesn't be a long time in coming. In 1938 the second serial had been brought into the cinemas called "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars" with a total of 15 episodes and in the same year came "Mars Attacks the World" as a cinema version into being. In 1940 followed the last serial with "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" with a total of 12 episodes. 
In the same year had a new comic hero become established in the style of Flash Gorden - the new hero was called Buck Rogers (with a total of 12 episodes). As in the previous serial the leading role was played again by Larry "Buster" Crabbe.

The once very successful swimmer Larry Buster Crabbe, who had crowned his sportsman career with the win of the gold medal in 400 m freestyle at the Olympic Games in 1932, had his first small entrances in the film business in 1930.

When he was rejected by MGM for the movie "Tarzan", he was assigned by Paramount for the movie "King of the Jungle" in 1933. This movie was a copy of the Tarzan model and presented Kaspa, the Lion Man as the title hero.
In the same year he could also swing on the screen as the real Tarzan in "Tarzan the Fearless". But first Sol Lesser had to receive the renunciation of James Pierce who was designated for this role (assisted by his father-in-law Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of Tarzan).

(born on the 7th February 1908 in Oakland CA, 
died on the  23rd April 1983 in Scottsdale AZ)


In the following years Larry Buster Crabbe couldn't complain of lacking works. Several engagements followed like "Badge of Honor" (34) "Hunted Men" (38) "Caged Fury" (48) and "Alien Dead" (80).
Most of his films had been committed to different heroes. He played in many films as Billy the Kid (11 movies between 1941 and 1943) and as Billy Carson (21 movies between 1943 and 1946).

From the 50s it became more quiet to his person. He enjoyed more frequently time at his own pool and looked after boy camps in New York.

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