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Tchéky Karyo


The actor Tchéky Karyo studied acting at the Cyrano theater and impersonated countless roles, often in classical plays.

After his long-standing successes at the theater he entered the film business and it didn't last long and the name Tchéky Karyo became a notion on the big screen and on television.

He made his film debut with "Le retour e Martin Guerre" (82) at Gérard Depardieu's side, it followed the productions "La Balance" (82) - for which he was nominated for the César, "Le marginal" (83) with Jean-Paul Belmondo, "Les nuits de la pleine lune" (84), "Grottenolm" (85), "Bleu comme l'enfer" (86), "L'ours" (88) and "Australia" (89).

He managed his international breakthrough in the 90's. With his role as killer instructor of Anne Parillaud in the surprise success "Nikita" (90) he became famous beyond the border.
It followed grateful roles in "Vincent et moi" (91) as Vincent van Gogh or in Ridley Scott's "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (92), again with Gérard Depardieu.
Other well-known movies were "L'atlantide" (92), "La règle du silence" (93), "Nostradamus" (94), "Bad Boys" (95), "GoldenEye" (95) with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, "Les liens du coeur" (96), "Addicted to Love" (97) and "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" (99).

To his latest movies belong "Saving Grace" (00), "Arabian Nights" (00), "The Patriot" (00), "The Core" (03) and "Blueberry" (04).

Tchéky Karyo is married with the actress Isabelle Pasco.

Other movies with Tchéky Karyo: 
Toute une nuit (82) Que les gros salaires lèvent le doigt!!! (82) La java des ombres (83) Machinations (84) Le matelot 512 (84) L'air du crime (84) L'amour braque (85) Contes clandestins (85) L'unique (86) Etats d'âme (86) Le moine et la sorcière (87) Spirale (87) La maison dans la dune (88) Corps perdus (90) La fille des collines (90) A grande Arte (91) L'affût (92) Sketch Artist (92) La villa del venerdi (92) Isabelle Eberhardt (92) Trop près des Dieux (92) And the Band Played On (93) Red Shoe Diaries 3: Another Woman's Lipstick: Just Like That (93) La cité de la peur: une comédie familiale (94) L'ange noir (94) Innocent Obsession (94) Zadoc et le bonheur (95) Operation Dumbo Drop (95) Crying Freeman (95) Colp di luna (95) Terra Estrangeira (96) Albergo Roma (96) To Have and to Hold (96) Va' dove ti porta il cuore (96) Habitat (97) Dobermann (97) Les mille merveilles de l'univers (97) Serie "From the Earth to the Moon" (98) Passaggio per il paradiso (98) Que la lumière soit (98) Wing Commander (99) Babel (99) Comme un poisson hors de l'eau (99) My Life So Far (99) Le roi danse (00) Kiss of the Dragon (01) The Good Thief (02) Cinemagique (02) Utopia (03) Taking Lives (04) Un long dimance de fiançailles (04) Clarion's Call (04)