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Georges Milton

1888 - 1970 

The actor and singer Georges Milton was born as Georges Desiré Michaux.

At the beginning of his career he performed unsuccessfully at coffeehouses. In order to bear the living he finally went on tour in South America.
After his return and encouraged by Maurice Chevalier he sang at the Casino Saint-Martin and had a first success.
His name became notion in no time and other engagements followed.

Together with Maurice Chevalier he founded the cabaret "Paon royal", but it wasn's successful.
After this setback he turned towards the operetta and the cinema. In the next years became especially famous as a singer but he was also able to put on a show in movies.
His first movie came in 1922 into being called "Gonzague" (22), but only from 1930 with the rise of the talkies he could bring in his voice.
To his well-known movies of the 30's belong "Le roi des resquilleurs" (30), "Embrassez-moi" (32), "Bouboule 1er, roi nègre" (33), "Gangster malgré lui" (35), "Les deux combinards" (37) and "Le prince Bouboule" (39).

In the 40's followed his last movies "Ploum ploum tra la la" (46) and "Et dix de der" (47).

Other movies with Georges Milton: 
Le roi du cirage (31) La bande à Bouboule (31) Nu comme un ver (33) Famille nombreuse (34) Le comte Obligado (34) Jérôme Perreau Héros des barricades (35)