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Mary Higgins Clark

The famous American writer Mary Higgins Clark was born in New York in 1929 and grew up in this city. Her father died when she was 10 years old. Her mother went all out with all her power from now on to lead Mary and her two brothers into adult life.

When she finished High School she attended a secretary school in order to get a job. With it she was able to help her mother. Three years later she was gripped by holiday fever. Since 1949 she worked as a stewardess for Pan American Airline, whereby she she had seen a lot of the world. One year later she got married with neighbour Warren Clark, who she had known since at the age of 16.

Mary Higgins Clark wrote her first short story soon after the marriage and sold her first story in 1956 to the "Extension Magazine" for 100 dollar. Till this first success it took six years which involved more than 40 refusals. Of course she framed the first assent of her career and hung it up on the wall.

Her husband died unexpected in 1964 because of a heart failure and bequethed a widow with five children. Mary now also wrote radio scripts and started to write books. She got up at 5 o'clock every morning and wrote till 7 o'clock, before the children had to go to school. Her first work was a biographical novella about the life of George Washington - "Aspire to the Heavens".
Her second book - "Where Are the Children?" (1975) - became a best seller and constituted the turning point in the life of Mary Higgins Clark.
Strenghted through this success she decided to do everything what she wanted to do always. She used all her energy in order to guarantee a good education for her children. When the children were grown-up she went to the Fordham University and finished in 1979 with summa cum laude for philosophy.

After many years as a widow she decided to change this condition and got married with John J. Conheeney in 1996.
Both are living now in Saddle River, New Jersey and besides possess  an appartement in Manhattan and a summer house in Spring Lake, New Jersey and Dennis, Massachusetts.
The number of the members of the family was raised because of their marriage. Along with the five children of Mary Higgins Clarke there were four other children from Conheeney. In addition to this nine children join six grandchildren from Mary's side and nine grandchildren from Conheeney's side.

On a enumeration of all the different awards she achieved during her impressive career I cut out, it would go beyond the scope.

Since her first best seller in 1975 she wrote sixteen more successful books, e.g. "A Stranger Is Watching" (1978) "The Cradle Will Fall" (1980) "A Cry in the Night" (1982) "All Around the Town" (1992) "Remember Me"  (1994) "Silent Night" (1995) "Pretend You Don't See Her" (1997).